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TCN provides the most up-to-date and adaptive automotive contact center software for the auto industry, offering easy set-up in any location with as little as one user.

TCN can help auto dealers and repair shops promote and grow their business by streamlining their financial operations, delivering time-efficient and cost-saving automated outreach, with approachable customer service. With TCN’s contact center tools, dealers will save time, resources, and money with faster and more direct ways to communicate with their customers.

Some TCN communications tools that have proven helpful to the industry include:

  • AgentSMS – designed for auto dealerships and repair shops to instantly confirm appointments, send payment reminders, and even alert individuals of recalls or oil changes via text messages.
  • Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) – allows dealers to make automated calls with interactive customer response features. These features can direct customers down the appropriate channel to either confirm or change appointment information, participate in surveys, or deliver one-tap-response messages.
  • VocalDirect – Ringless voicemail technology enables dealers to instantly send automated voicemails directly to thousands of customers’ voicemail boxes all at once. This enhanced technology not only ensures that the dealer’s message is received but saves the dealer money by not having to conduct manual outreach.
  • Predictive Dialer – Sends pre-recorded messages (such as promotions, scheduling reminders, and payment notifications) to a large list of customers within minutes. Additionally, these tools can monitor and track busy signals, voicemail, no-answers, and disconnected numbers to improve the efficiency and speed of the auto-dialing process.

Integrating cloud contact center technology into a dealership’s overall business strategy will ultimately increase revenue streams. It provides direct, reliable, and customizable communication options designed to engage and resonate with a diverse customer base.

Interested in incorporating a voice and text strategy to your call center? Learn more about our Inbound and Outbound software to see if TCN’s cloud-based call center platform is right for you.

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