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TCN + Healthcare: a partnership built to meet the needs of your call center

TCN offers all the solutions you need to run your healthcare facility successfully, efficiently and cost-effectively. With top-tier customer service, no contracts and user-friendly technology, TCN increases patient satisfaction while offering healthcare providers the best revenue cycle management (RCM) patient contact solution.

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They’re vendors, TCN is your partner

From the first day of implementation, TCN takes care of the heavy lifting – increasing efficiency and patient satisfaction. TCN includes several benefits to assist healthcare providers in the growth of their contact center capabilities and operations.

  • Better cost, less fees

    TCN is proud to offer cost-efficient software to call centers in the healthcare sector, ensuring you only pay for what you need with no contracts and no fees for setup or further support.

  • One platform for all the tools

    TCN’s platform includes all the tools you need to run your healthcare call center in one place. No need to have several different logins or interfaces; you can oversee all solutions in one platform.

  • A+ customer service

    TCN’s customer service is incomparable. Quickly get to know your account manager without dealing with hierarchies. Everyone deserves excellent customer service and TCN offers that at no cost to you.

  • User-friendly interface

    You can enable your account manager to make changes to your operations or customize every detail yourself. Either way, TCN allows you to fully control your dashboard and tools.

Revenue cycle management improvement backed by real data

St. Luke’s University Health Network, a regional non-profit network of more than 19,000 employees, desperately needed an outbound dialer to save agents from spending their shifts making fruitless outbound calls and wasting resources. After St. Luke’s switched to TCN, they were able to generate more revenue, gain key insights and upgrade patient communication. A few of the main highlights include: 

  • Increased revenue by over $2,800,000 per month
  • Saved over 1,400 FTE hours with the outbound dialer
  • Collected 8,000 payments in just 5 months
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Keeping your patients informed and in control

TCN offers excellent omnichannel solutions that meet all the requirements for helping your facility reach patients effectively. From organizing appointments and balance inquiries to pre-op and post-op evaluations, it’s easier than ever for your patients to access what they need, when they need it. Sending out scheduled emails, calls or text messages on whichever channel the patient prefers keeps them happy and informed. Omnichannel gives you all of the tools to run your healthcare facility effectively and in one place.

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Explore all the features of TCN’s call center software

Changing the game with Click2Pay

Many healthcare organizations have added Click2Pay to their RCM strategy simply because of its convenience. Not only that, but patients of all ages want fast and easy ways to interact with healthcare providers, and this solution allows providers to do more with less. Click2Pay offers the ability to send text messages with a secure link to make a payment where patients are able to authenticate themselves, see their balance and make payments without the need for logging into a portal. See how it works with this quick video:

Customizable interactive voice response (IVR)

Putting your patients in the driver’s seat helps them quickly find what they are looking for. TCN’s robust IVR solution can be personalized and callers can use self-serve options to make payments anytime, 24/7, without the need for a live agent and when needed, get directed to the right person more quickly — increasing first-call resolution. Plus, keep patients’ frustrations at bay and maintain high satisfaction by informing them of their place in line and their estimated wait time with TCN’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution.

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Serving more patients with less downtime

One of the world’s top academic medical centers was experiencing up to 500 technical issues per month with its previous call center software platform. After switching to TCN, the healthcare client experienced significant improvements in productivity, patient satisfaction and system reliability. See how TCN’s unrivaled platform reliability helps them deliver the level of customer service their standards demand.

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Actions speak louder than words, and your healthcare facility deserves a platform that delivers results.

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