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Healthcare providers are increasingly faced with challenges that include budget reductions, increased transaction costs, and growing patient balances. One of the most powerful ways to address these challenges is to communicate with patients as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. TCN can help you do just that by providing a full suite of automated notification services and call center technology all in a single hosted cloud environment.

TCN Efficiency Tools: Your Prescription for Success

Healthcare Services Suite

TCN is a cloud-based dialing platform that provides inbound, outbound and blended call environments and can accommodate both live agent and blaster (unattended) messaging campaigns. With TCN, interactive voice response (IVR) services are also available to route calls to the proper agents and handle automated and after hours payments.

How we do it
  • Bill reminders and self-pay options—Reduce the need for agent interaction and provide self-cure options, such as automated balance retrieval, bill requests, and pay-by-phone options
  • “Queue callback”—eliminate the need for patients to remain on hold. The system will automatically call them back the moment an agent is available.
  • Automatically displays a patient’s account information at the point of call connection
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface reduces training time and the need for IT resources
  • Monitor agent activity for performance, including call volumes and durations, to make strategic decisions and process flow adjustments
  • Comply with industry regulations—Quickly scrub a phone list to remove cell phones for compliance reasons
  • Send automated, mass voice messages—Quickly broadcast important messages to a large group at once (e.g., emergency notifications)

Your organization needs to communicate with patients, make it easy by using a cloud-based contact center platform that offers both inbound and outbound communications options. Increased collections, improved patient engagement and patient satisfaction are just the start of a long list of benefits.

  • Maximize in-house collections and recovery rates
  • Decrease collections costs
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Expand patient engagement channels
  • Allow patients to pay at their convenience
  • Reduced IT workload – TCN Healthcare Services Suite does the heavy lifting

Request a demo to see how TCN empowers call centers with the right tools and helps organizations plan for the days ahead.