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Notifications and Promotions

Reaching customers faster and easier than ever

When you have to get the word out, it needs to go out fast. There is no better way to contact thousands of individuals in seconds than with TCN notifications. Never get slowed down when connecting with your clients again.

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Not just notifications

TCN notifications allow users to reach any sized audience instantaneously. Whether it is employees spread across the country or customers all over the globe, you can send notifications to everyone in seconds.


Send out announcements to showcase your latest products or services


Let customers know of outages or upcoming appointments and payments.


Quickly and effectively send highly targeted and impactful campaign messages.

Thousands of notices per minute

Time is everything, and TCN notifications utilizes phone, SMS and email in a cloud-based system to connect businesses with consumers worldwide instantly. Regardless of the distance, consumers can receive notices within seconds — ensuring your messages reach your contacts efficiently.

Customized contacting categories

Call list segmentation gives you the ability to split call lists according to age, physical location and other customizable categories. You can use this to target your messaging for more specific audiences, making the process much more precise and efficient than with old-fashioned mailing lists or random robocalls.

Some key features

Polling and surveying

Quickly collect feedback and opinions through polls or surveys with simple confirmation keys that make responding easy and real-time reporting a snap.

Real-time reporting

Immediately accessible reports and data allow you to adjust your contacting campaigns whenever and wherever needed.


Through TCN’s compliance suite, you can scrub call lists before adding the cleaned lists to notification campaigns.

Custom mapping

Generate customized contact lists based on geographic location to send offers, warnings or service notifications instantly.

Mobile ready

Instantly connect with your consumers through the channel of their choice by easily setting alerts via text message and email.

Open communication with omnichannel

Notifications help you take advantage of TCN’s omnichannel communication solution by connecting agents with consumers through any vehicle the consumer chooses. Whether it’s a call, SMS or email, you can communicate with your consumers quickly and easily.

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Provide a personalized experience

Customize each message or call you send out with the recipient’s name to personalize your message. Notifications can also include recipient-specific information such as appointment reminders, specialized offers and even birthday wishes.

What our clients are saying

“Integrating TCN into our daily operations was seamless. Customizing and adding campaigns has never been easier. TCN’s wide variety of features makes it possible for us to grow as a company and reach our goals.”

Phil Schroder

Head of Retention and Engagement | McClatchy

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