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Outbound Solutions

Outbound campaigns that are as easy as one-two-three

Whether your outbound campaigns are straightforward or complex, with TCN, all you need is an internet connection and three simple steps. First, start by uploading your contact list, second choose a template and third, schedule your calls — then watch everything fall into place.

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Lead your outbound efforts with simple, innovative solutions

With the right outbound solutions, your contact center can increase the number of connections agents make with customers while saving time and money. TCN’s cloud-based solutions have got you covered with solutions that are simple to use, infinitely configurable and accessible from any location.


Get your money’s worth by maximizing agents’ time spent on active phone calls and minimizing downtime between calls.


TCN Operator’s platform has simple-to-use solutions that are made for everyone and can be used by anyone.

Easily accessible

Access advanced cloud-based solutions anywhere; all your contact center needs is an internet connection.

Automate and regulate campaign compliance

Call center compliance is an ever-moving target you don’t want to miss. Reduce your contact center’s compliance risk with tools that help automate tasks and keep track of all the moving pieces. TCN’s suite of compliance solutions includes:

  • Cell Phone Scrubbing
  • Call Recording
  • Natural Language Compliance
  • Phone Number Registration
  • Reassigned Number Database

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Outbound interactive messaging with consumers

With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messaging, communicating with consumers is as simple as a few clicks. Send appointment reminders, balance updates or anything of the like using IVR’s outbound capabilities while allowing customers to address any questions or make a payment by linking back to a live agent during an automated call. A bonus, keep customers happy by choosing to prioritize these calls to be connected to the soonest available agent rather than waiting in a queue.

Dialers that cater to outbound campaigns

Preview dialing

A Preview Dialer is used exclusively as an outbound tool, the perfect fit for contact centers that handle complex service and sales communication. Preview dialing keeps agents informed and prepared by providing relevant information before placing a call to a consumer.
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Smart predictive dialing

A Predictive Dialer streamlines outbound productivity by empowering administrators to set up new call agents, hunt groups and dialing campaigns within minutes. Predictive dialing directly connects consumers to a live agent when they answer the phone, and in turn, your agents are maximizing their efficiency by spending more time serving customers.
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Manually approved campaigns

Manually Approved Calling and SMS add human intervention to your outbound operations to help you stay compliant. Before a call or SMS campaign is sent out, an agent manually checks and confirms that the consumer is eligible to be contacted. Doing so drastically improves contact center productivity and allows agents to save time by queuing outbound engagement.
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Contact consumers faster and easier than ever before

TCN notifications allow users to reach any sized audience instantaneously. From contacting customers across the country to all over the globe, you can send notifications to everyone in seconds. Whether sending announcements, alerts or campaigns, never get slowed down when connecting with your consumers again.

Unlock insights and real-time data for your campaigns

Combining rich reporting and analytics tools with your outbound solutions unlocks insights and helps you get the most out of your real-time data. Track the outcomes from your campaign efforts with analytics and reports and identify where to fine-tune practices and operations.

What our customers are saying

“We have been impressed with the flexibility of TCN’s platform and its excellent customer service. Since partnering with TCN, it’s become clear that our previous dialing platform was just a shell compared to the functionality provided by TCN. The gap is so significant that we’ve seen an 80 percent growth rate in outbound dialing rates.”

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