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Workforce Management

Understanding the past to predict the future

Scheduling contact center agents used to be a guessing game, but that’s a thing of the past. With Workforce Management (WFM), contact centers can schedule agents confidently, knowing that they are utilizing their assets to their fullest potential.

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Empower productivity and efficiency

Efficiency is king within a contact center, from the cost of labor to the actions of agents. Workforce Management provides insight into historical trends that help managers and agents improve productivity and efficiency.


Optimize agent labor costs through detailed data on labor activities and costs.


Empower agents to take control of their own schedules and improve decisions that affect the business.


Streamline scheduling with less wasted time and reduced scheduling confusion.

Hindsight is your best foresight

With Workforce Management, managers have access to data and insights regarding historic contact volume and patterns that help predict how many customer interactions will be established at a given time. WFM also provides insight into the necessary skills and number of agents required to handle them.

Features fit for every contact center

Unlimited forecasting

Create forecasts for every channel and situation to get the best understanding of your contact center’s needs.

User-definable data selection

Take control of your data and customize it to your specific wants and requirements.

Adjustable efficiency measurements

As you learn more about your contact center, make adjustments to how your data is measured to get the most accurate insights.

Self-reliant agents are efficient agents

Call center managers can empower agents to participate in the management of the day-to-day operational activities of the contact center by providing them with insights into the needs of the contact center. With these insights, agents have the ability to self-manage and automate previously messy tasks like shift bidding, shift requests and shift swaps, decreasing or eliminating the need for management intervention.

Give your customers and agents the support they need

As you use WFM, you will get real-time visibility into how the forecast compares to the outcome with graphical representations to help you gain insights for additional optimizations, capabilities and decisions that you can implement “on the fly.”

These real-time updates also ensure your center has enough agents to handle call volumes, that your Service Level Agreements (SLA) are met and that your agents are adhering to the schedule.

What our product experts are saying

“TCN’s Workforce Management solution makes it possible for contact centers to not only understand and predict their needs but to prepare for the changes that the economy and industry dictate.”

Deon Appelgryn

Vice President of Product Engineering Managemet | TCN

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