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Workforce Optimization and Engagement

Unlock performance and boost agent productivity.

TCN’s advanced, agent-level customizable reporting for your inbound call center provides you with real-time data with which to measure agent performance and productivity. Managing agents in a large or growing operation can be tricky – especially when you’re working on multiple metrics and reports. TCN’s Workforce Optimization & Engagement powered by Envision and cloud-based call center technology reduces those dreaded extra hours with easy-to-use, automated workforce monitoring, reporting, flagging, and other flexible features that empower agent productivity and customer experience regardless of communication channel.

Take Customer Experience and Contact Center Performance to New Levels

Agent Performance & Engagement

Give your agents the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Built-in capabilities provide multichannel recordings, quality management, performance monitoring, customer feedback and more. Receive insight into agent activities and real-time alerts when agents exceed thresholds. And by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), every member of your organization stays focused on goals, understands their personal role and accountability, and works together toward common success.

ACD call system cloud contact center platform
Workforce Engagement for Contact Centers

Improved Customer Experience and Captured Interactions

Analyze your agents’ performance in interacting with customers by capturing their voice. This information is essential to evaluate customer satisfaction and improve employee performance. Agents will be more apt to listen to customers needs as they are effectively trained on new processes or scripts. By evaluating voice of customer metrics and call recordings agents will be more prepared to answer their questions on first call resolution.

Increase Revenue while Reducing Cost

Save time and money. Give your call center managers the tools to train and onboard new employees quickly with little to no disruption to other operations. With TCN’s Workforce Optimization you’ll be better equipped at identifying up sell opportunities, while providing value to your customer. Conversations will flow naturally with naturally scripted responses.

Pinpoint the Root Cause of Customer and Employee Behavior

Customers contact your organization every day to tell you what they like or possibly dislike about your business. These interactions provide valuable feedback for your organization and employees. Through workforce optimization and systematic assessment, you can uncover what drives customer behavior as well as any concerns about your employees and processes.

Advanced, Agent-level Customizable Reporting for Optimal Scheduling in Your Call Center

Automatically creating agent schedules that account for work preferences, skill levels, and forecasted call volumes.

  • The Right Number of Agents
  • Steady Occupancy
  • Minimized Overtime
  • Accurate Forecasts of Traffic Volume
  • Low Abandon Rates
  • Change Management

Provides real-time, digestible data to measure agent performance and productivity to management.

World-class Workforce Optimization Features

  • Omnichannel recording
  • Record multiple monitors
  • Supervisor & agent portals
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Coaching & targeted eLearning
  • Speech & desktop analytics
  • Onboarding tools to ramp agents
  • Full encryption at transit and rest
  • Gamification
  • Forecasting & scheduling

Our flexible yet secure cloud solution includes options for omnichannel, voice and screen recording, desktop and speech analytics, quality and coaching, eLearning, workforce management and performance management. Whether you’re an executive looking for strategic insight into what customers are saying, or a QM manager looking to improve your agent performance. TCN provides the benefits of an enterprise-class WFO solution without the high costs of implementation, upgrades and hardware.

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