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Workforce Optimization

Enabling peak performance

Capture and tie together the entire agent experience with Workforce Optimization — increasing agent compliance and performance while simultaneously presenting real-time training and learning opportunities.

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Tie together the entire agent experience

Workforce Optimization provides a basis for insights into agent activities and provides real-time alerts when agents exceed defined thresholds. Tracking KPIs keeps everyone focused on goals and fosters a collaborative culture.


Identify key information regarding agents and their performance.


Improve key functions within your contact center to increase efficiency.


Discover opportunities for your business to grow and adapt.

Reduce your risky business

Workforce Optimization also provides Risk Evaluation, a feature that utilizes incident flagging, screen recordings and a query engine to flag compliance risks that occur during an agent’s conversations. When a risk is flagged, managers are notified so preventative measures can be taken to save the contact center from future lawsuits.

Top tier trainings with quality evaluations

Automated or manual scorecard assessment

Get an easy-to-understand evaluation of each agent’s performance so you can design and plan training to improve your agents’ performance.


Track and study consumer satisfaction and sentiments through tools like Voice Analytics to know what your customers need and want.


Learn which areas your contact center can improve when you receive detailed reports regarding agent and contact center data.

Training and learning opportunities

Create effective and realistic training scenarios based on real consumer experiences.

Give agents the opportunity to learn and grow

Learning opportunities for contact center agents should be a part of any customer service organization. Agents can access learning opportunities and complete tasks to improve and learn how to better serve consumers. These tasks could be new trainings that your business rolls out or instances of compliance risks during calls so that agents can learn from their mistakes.

Effectively increase efficiency

Workforce Optimization improves agent and contact center functions and efficiency. With the flexibility of full user control, managers can structure evaluations into focus areas for each agent. On TCN’s platform, you can enable KPIs for any focus area, supported by insight-driven dashboards at the contact center, team or agent level.


What our clients are saying

“TCN’s software has been a lifesaver. The platform has helped us improve our customer service by cutting down wait times and connecting consumers with the best available agent. TCN has also given us greater reporting capability, allowing us to track our agents better.”

Jeremy Feldman

Director of Audience Development | EO Media Group

Unlock your agents’ potential