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The Next Step to Improved Efficiency with TCN and Zendesk

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When it comes to increased productivity and profitability, every organization tries to pin down a service or integration that delivers excellent results. If inefficient and disjointed systems bog down your employees, they cannot perform at an optimal level. With TCN and Zendesk, improved employee productivity and lower IT costs are at your fingertips.

Zendesk’s interface allows your agents to prepare for every customer interaction they may face. Cloud-based platforms like TCN are essential to get your call center into shape. With call recording and call routing services, your organization’s workload will be dramatically lighter.

Meaningful conversation with your customers takes time and money. Agents with the right tools can make all the difference.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the TCN/Zendesk’s interface:

  • Call Reporting: Use data to resolve problems faster. Call center phone conversations can be stored with call recording storage — whether predictive, manual, outbound, or inbound. These recordings can be reviewed later for agent training and other needs.
  • Call Screen Pop-Ups: On-screen notifications that pop up with caller information help your agents know your customers and resolve issues more efficiently.
  • Automatic Contact Syncing: Caller information is presented into the interface instantly.
  • Call Logging: Calls are automatically logged when they are matched to a contact.

Due to the many aspects of ensuring call center performance, managers can easily find themselves juggling an old interface without a seamless queue.

TCN’s integration with Zendesk allows you to easily switch over and make changes that help your organization meet its potential.

Integration Benefits

  • Increased visibility to access CRM data in real-time
  • Easy, cordless setup with no hardware required
  • All features are streamlined and are automated into the interface for easy access
  • Improved ROI

The integration of TCN and Zendesk is the next step to improving productivity for your agents.

See how the forces of TCN and Zendesk can transform your organization’s efficiency and performance. Request a demo today.

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