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Predictive Dialer

Keep the ball rolling with predictive calling

Ensure your agents are as productive and effective as possible, while guaranteeing that every consumer gets connected to an agent immediately.

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Ensure smooth sailing and success

Streamline productivity through predictive dialing campaigns with a dialer that is designed to call as many customers as possible and quickly direct them to available agents. A Predictive Dialer keeps your agents efficient and consumers happy by being directly connected to a live agent when they answer the phone.

Increase productivity

Help agents keep from losing steam by eliminating redundant tasks.

Reduce wasted time

Take out the manual work of dialing phone numbers.

Increase effectiveness

Allow agents to devote their valuable time to active calls.

Flexibility is our hallmark

Whether your campaign is simple or complex, a Predictive Dialer quickly streamlines productivity. Using a Predictive Dialer, administrators can set up new call agents, hunt groups, and predictive dialing campaigns within minutes — an essential for any outbound contact center.

Setting up a campaign is as easy as 1–2–3

Upload a list

Upload your contact list to TCN’s secure contact manager.

Map the data

The more information mapped, the better. Map the data and contact list with names, emails, account numbers, etc.

Launch the calls

Agents who are logged into the system will instantly begin receiving predictive dialed calls through the Agent Gateway.

Call connections that are never delayed

Reduce wasted time by automatically connecting agents to callees who answer — and never to customers who don’t. Customize whether your Predictive Dialer leaves a message or automatically hangs up when it reaches a voicemail, before calling the next number in the database.

Get your free Manager’s Guide to TCPA Compliance

Experience automated and regulated compliance

Reduce one of the key risk factors in outbound operations by using a Predictive Dialer to regulate compliance. Ensure your contact center is staying compliant with TCPA and Regulation F rulings concerning voicemails, connection times and speaking to live agents.

Keep connecting with more dialer solutions

TCN’s dialer solutions are key to making improvements and streamlining your contact center’s workflow. Combining an Auto Dialer with your campaign efforts, can help supplement any contact center’s low inbound traffic with more outbound calls, bringing positive and noticeable results. Whether paced at a trickle or at full-speed, an auto dialer campaign can be adjusted to meet your specific needs and help you maximize your agents’ connections.

Power Dialer for Salesforce

TCN’s Power Dialer for Salesforce empowers your agents, sales representatives and entire team to provide exceptional customer experiences without leaving Salesforce. Maximize your agents’ productivity and reduce downtime, allowing them to connect with more consumers per hour.

What our clients are saying

“TCN was the very best predictive dialer choice for [our company] because of the feature-to-value ratio. They have exactly what we need at a reasonable price. The true differentiator — TCN’s staff is beyond responsive and helpful, even anticipating our needs as our business has changed and grown. Whether it is presenting enhanced TCN capabilities or supporting us on new regulatory requirements for messages – they take our business very personally.”

Rae Lockard

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