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Compliance and Data Management

Safeguard your contact center compliance with efficiency in mind

TCN’s Compliance Suite is complete with tools to help your agents minimize compliance risk and follow industry regulations. From manually approving calls to streamlining data sets in one place, you have the tools to help keep you in the know about your contact center’s compliance.

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Check out the CFPB’s latest rules and updates.

An easier and more streamlined approach to contact center compliance

Compliance is critical to the profitable and sustainable operation of the modern contact center or collection agency. The FTC and FCC and state AG’s have ramped up regulations, rulings and enforcement, with some of the stiffest penalties arising from enforcement of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In a survey, 41% of respondents in a single industry reported TCPA as the most challenging regulation for their business.

TCN’s platform doesn’t just safeguard contact center compliance against the TCPA, it’s designed to help automate compliance and minimize risk as regulations and rulings come and go.

Adhere to regulations without the human error

Automating data workflows using TCN’s List Management Service (LMS) alleviates data errors and increases operational efficiency. By using enrichment elements, you can connect to external data sets and add contextual contact details to make your campaigns even more effective. LMS gives you a visual representation of your data workflow, unlike traditional methods of spreadsheets or squeal databases — saving you time and money.

Don’t just take our word for it

A national utility company was able to utilize TCN’s IVR, inbound, and outbound software to keep families informed during back-to-back nor’easter storms.