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Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics

Data is a big word, but you know how to use it

Get a look at the big picture with TCN’s robust reporting tools by pulling back the covers on your contact center’s data. Intuitive dashboards keep you in the know about your agents, overall site performance, speech analytics, and individual metrics that help you discover new insights.

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Use customer feedback to increase your brand loyalty

Get the most out of your data

In any organization, there is a large amount of information to process. This is particularly true in contact centers. With the proper tools, organizations can learn not only how their internal operations are functioning, but where improvements can be made, what customers want and need, as well as how individual agents and teams are performing. This opportunity to organize and analyze data collected in daily operations allows you to find valuable insights and identify trends that lead to data-driven decisions.

Intelligence for contact centers

Every business can and should use intelligence, reporting and analytics to stay ahead of the competition. While managing data and learning to understand it may seem daunting, it can be as easy as clicking a few buttons. TCN’s insights and dashboards provide a flexible and integrated infrastructure for accessing key business insights and performance indicators. Managers can view individual insights within Operator’s applications or group them together in the dashboard. TCN offers powerful standard insights and customization options to meet specific client needs.

What your data and analytics can do for you

With properly implemented and utilized solutions, contact centers can receive real-time data that allows managers to make timely decisions and maximize profitability. Managers can also reclaim time previously wasted on managing and manipulating reports and spreadsheets with standardized and automated reporting, KPI’s and benchmarks. On top of that, there are no expensive 3rd party integrations to manage or concerns about data transparency to tiptoe around, saving contact centers money and peace of mind.

Don’t just take our word for it

“User-friendly and quick to deploy. A host of tools makes reaching our customers a snap. TCN’s taken the hassle out of monitoring and reporting and given us the tools we need to get more value from our agents and managers.”

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