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Workforce Engagement

Raise the bar for customer satisfaction and contact center performance to new heights

Give your agents the knowledge and skills needed to succeed by turning customer interactions into actionable insights. Boosting performance and quality management is the quickest way to improve adherence.

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Use customer feedback to increase your brand loyalty

Agent performance unleashed

The core of a contact center is its agents, which are indispensable assets to its success. Payroll costs can account for up to 70% of the total expenses in a contact center, and it has become imperative to seek new ways to enhance productivity without added cost. Managers can now spend more time evaluating reports, coaching new agents, or building new filters to help agents stay on task.

Increase your team’s visibility

Creating a workforce where managers can cultivate a highly productive and customer-centric team is easy. With TCN’s easy-to-use Workforce Management monitoring, you’ll receive just-in-time performance reviews and real-time feedback. And that’s not all. See how fast your organization can improve the contact center experience for everyone through dashboard insights that quickly identify compliance trends and risks – unlocking your contact center’s full potential.

Don’t just take our word for it

TCN helped scale a national bank’s contact center from 25 full-time floor agents to over 200 full-time and temporary agents.