Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software Routes Calls to the Best Agent

TCN uses the most sophisticated ACD cloud-based software in the industry, routing calls to the best agent based on agent skills. Other routing options can focus on customer needs, your business objectives, and the conditions of your call center.

TCN’s routing capabilities provide centralized operations even with a decentralized workforce in a blended call center. Whether you have one call center or you maintain operations world-wide, TCN locates the best available agent wherever they might be.

How ACD Works, In a Nutshell

  • TCN’s ACD Technology – Distributes incoming calls to the most qualified group of agents based on customer need, agent skill set, and availability.
  • ACD In The Cloud – The system is software based, which eliminates the need for new hardware or phone lines.
  • Call Routing – The routing is determined based on agent assignment and the aptitude you choose for each agent. You can prompt callers to ascertain the reason for the call and use their responses to target specific agents.
  • Custom Messages – You can customize hold music, agent whisper messages, even caller position announcements and estimated wait time notifications.
  • Queued Callback – You can prompt your callers to receive a call back when an agent becomes available, instead of waiting on hold. We will keep their place in the queue and send the call to an agent to complete once they are available!

Design Optimal Routing Strategies

Create any routing scenario and implement it immediately. With TCN, you get all the routing tools you need for your contact center, so you can achieve better business outcomes. Plus, you don’t need to be a techie to do it. The intuitive administrator interface makes on-the-fly changes easy and set up effortless.

No Borders, No Boundaries

TCN knows no boundaries — whether you have one contact center, multi-site contact center operations, at-home agents, or branch-office locations, TCN will route to agents wherever they are located. The ACD system will find the best agent with the optimal skills matched to the specific customer needs and the business rules you specify. Supervisors can also be located anywhere with complete, real-time visibility into agents’ status and full control over quality and performance from anywhere in the world.

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