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SMS Text Messaging

Skip the small talk with conversational texting

Text messaging provides a convenient, personalized and fast way for your business to communicate with customers — improving customer interactions and satisfaction. With one-touch responses and secure, personalized messages, your customers will love the ability to text on their own terms.

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Meet customers where they are

TCN’s 2023 Consumer Survey revealed SMS as the fastest-growing and preferred communication channel for 29% of respondents. By offering text messaging, customers can swiftly resolve issues using a familiar channel.

Reduce inbound calls

Save money by allowing your customers to skip the hold queue, allocating agent time to be spent more on higher-priority calls.

Increase agent productivity

Let agents handle several digital engagements at once. Text messages, emails and chats are rolled into a single interface, keeping your agents connected.

Boost customer journey

Personalized text messages go a long way in helping increase customer satisfaction and their overall experience.

Registering your SMS numbers

To help control unwanted SMS messages, North American wireless carriers now require all SMS source numbers for application to person (A2P), 10-digit long code (10DLC), short code and SMS toll-free to be registered. This verification process can be done through TCN and serves as an extra step in protecting consumers from spam and unwanted messages while building up your organization’s compliance with SMS communications.

SMS compliance registration without breaking a sweat

  • Engage with your customers using a verified identity
  • Increase send throughput to meet your business needs
  • Simple registration using TCN’s SMS Process 
  • Build, scale and optimize your messaging application

Have engaging conversations with reliable text messages

TCN empowers organizations to communicate with consumers through automated and agent-assisted text messaging. From customer conversions to appointment reminders, agents can quickly resolve inquiries via SMS, improving the customer experience. Agents can also breathe easy knowing that automated skills-based routing will deliver the right text to them at the right time. By blending all digital channels into one agent interface, TCN Operator gives your agents a true cloud contact center solution.

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Cell phone compliance tools, built right in

Take the guesswork out of texting and contact center compliance with access to consent profiles (opt-in management) and the cell phone scrub database to help minimize risk and stay current with federal regulations. TCN’s intuitive tool, Natural Language Compliance, is designed to automate contact center compliance and improve daily operations.

Make texting your own

Conversational customer care

Support the entire customer journey, regardless of industry. SMS texting supports agents working in service, sales and lead generation.

Payments and collections

Automatically collect payments on products, services, bills and more with SMS texting through an integrated platform that is PCI compliant.


Save time and money by sending personalized alerts, reminders, notifications and more, using text messaging that keeps customers informed.


Distribute personalized marketing promotions to a broader audience via secure SMS text messaging that boosts sales, leads and loyalty.

Texting at your command

SMS Responses Issue automated responses or callbacks for incoming SMS messages, allowing consumers to connect directly to a contact center agent when appropriate. These responses can be customized to your organization.

SMS Intents Communicate easily with your consumers with simple responses using exchange-based SMS commands on various types of automated communications. (i.e. Stop, Yes, No, Confirm, Balance, etc.)

Monitor everything with performance analytics

Gain insights into all SMS campaign metrics through Performance Analytics that will help you boost customer experience, drive agent performance and measure success across all campaigns. TCN Operator can even pull call metrics from other channels to ensure your contact center is on the right track.

What our product experts are saying

“I can confidently say that TCN’s SMS has been a valuable addition to TCN’s Operator contact center platform. TCN’s quickly growing Omnichannel now offers SMS compatibility, allowing contact centers to quickly and easily reach their customers using the world’s most popular means of communication. Our clients appreciate the flexibility of SMS digital communications and the convenience it provides their customers.”

Gary Stewart

Program Engineering Manager | TCN

Keep connected with your customers anytime, anywhere