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Surveys are essential to any business or organization to gauge customer or member satisfaction. They can be a simple questionnaire or complicated with several layers—and they cannot be overestimated in guiding future development and business decisions.

Challenge: Surveys can be cost prohibitive, requiring additional staff and new equipment or paying thousands of dollars for outsourcing.

Solution: With TCN’s SurveyMe technology, these added costs are non-existent. Meanwhile, you only pay a few pennies for successful contacts, and nothing more. There is only one limitation—your imagination.

TCN’s options for contacting customers are unlimited. Each segment of your survey is professionally recorded based upon your scripts. Within minutes our computerized call engines dial large lists reaching thousands of potential recipients, which then can be connected to your agents. Results are reported in real time. And again, you won’t be charged a penny for unconnected calls, and no new equipment.

TCN’s robust IVR allows for simple to complex survey templates that can be easily configure, copied, or modified in minutes. This is accomplished using script elements which can be combined to produce the desired IVR script.

Elements that Produce the Perfect Script

  • Machine Detection
  • Play Live Message with DTMF interaction
  • Linkback Transfer to a Linkback Number
  • Play Machine Message
  • Record Voice Mail
  • Hunt Group Linkback with Agent Gateway
  • DTMF Captured Information
  • Adding or Removing Skills-used to transfer to the best agent
  • Credit Card Transaction

Benefits of TCN’s Survey technology

  • High accessibility and ease of use
  • Quality control
  • Real-time reporting and trend analysis
  • Adjust to demand and call volume

We provide endless elements and decision trees that will hold for the right party, identify and validate the right party with the last 4 digits of SSN, and present various options including, simple surveys, Pay by Web, Pay by Mail, Pay by Credit Card, Pay by Check, or choose to connect to an Agent. Even more complex, best practice scripts can easily be configured in several languages.

Request a Demo: Click or call today and let TCN help transform your contact center.