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Blended Contact Center Solutions

Get the best of both worlds

Unify your call center solutions with TCN’s blended environment and maximize your operational efficiency by utilizing both Inbound and Outbound solutions seamlessly, all in one place.

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Perfectly balanced

Blended call center solutions give organizations the power to control the flow of communication in and out of their call centers while optimizing their workforce. TCN offers seamlessly integrated solutions that are customizable and easy to use for any business.

Agent optimizing

Instead of needing separate groups of agents for inbound and outbound communication, call center agents can switch instantly between campaigns.

Increased revenue

Blended communication provides revenue-increasing opportunities through better customer service, increasing services or renewed contracts.

Reduced downtime

Blended solutions increase client contact rates by 20-50%, saving call centers costly downtime while customers and agents are waiting to be connected.

Connect with more customers

With TCN’s blended call center solutions, organizations can increase their client contact rate anywhere between 20%-50%, compared to traditional outbound-only campaigns. Not only are call centers able to increase their right party contact counts, but they are also able to better provide service to more customers in a shorter period of time.

Blended solutions mean blended benefits

Call routing

With blended software capabilities, managers can deploy custom-recorded messages for inbound callers while simultaneously connecting others to outbound agents for assistance.

Prioritize calls

In any business, the customer should come first. Through TCN’s blended platform, call centers can prioritize inbound calls by pausing outbound efforts and connecting those agents with live callers.

Automated detection

Transitioning agents between inbound and outbound efforts is instant and effortless through TCN’s automated system that detects when additional agents are needed and halts outbound campaigns.

Elevate efficiency

Every organization strives to find ways to optimize its operations. Implementing a blended call center solution brings inbound and outbound solutions together, designed for efficiency. One such outbound solution is TCN’s Predictive Dialer which optimizes each agent’s time by decreasing downtime between calls by automatically contacting and connecting agents with live customers.

Inbound brings a lot to the partnership as well with solutions like TCN’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). IVR empowers customers to find solutions without the need to connect with a live agent while ACD ensures that each customer connects with the most qualified agent available to increase first-contact resolutions.

Overall satisfaction

According to TCN’s 2023 consumer survey results, customers find more satisfaction from interactions with businesses when they do not have long hold times, provide excellent customer service and are connected with knowledgeable agents right away.

Blended call center solutions give you the ability to accomplish each of these requirements simultaneously with the added benefit of giving agents a change of pace that enables them to learn new skills that can be directly applied to their work.

What our clients are saying

“We have seen a significant cost reduction since we began utilizing TCN. [The platform] has given us the ability to fully analyze the data associated with inbound and outbound calls and scale up and down at no capital cost.”

General Manager at DJ Distributors

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