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True Blended

TCN’s True Blended solution makes connections that are customizable and instant.

A true blended call center solution maximizes agent productivity by allowing them to operate seamlessly between two systems: 1) an inbound calling queue and 2) an outbound calling list.

Maximize Agent Productivity

Within the Agent Gateway interface, calls coming in can be routed one of two ways: to customized recorded messages, or to agents already logged in to outbound dialing campaigns. In this scenario, the outbound campaign is automatically paused so priority is given to the live incoming call. Agents can then easily resume outbound campaigns. The end result is a higher level of customer service during peak volume and a higher level of productivity for the entire call center.

TCN eliminates the need to designate specific inbound or outbound agents. This blended solution alone is enough to increase client contact rate by at least 20-50%, over traditional outbound-only campaigns.

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