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Inbound Solutions

Connect with consumers quickly

TCN’s inbound solutions make connections in less than a second not only possible, but the standard. You can give your customers the best quality service they deserve faster than ever, freeing up agent time and your phone lines.

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Enhance any contact center with inbound features

TCN’s inbound features are all designed to provide agents with ways to increase productivity and provide customers with the best experience possible — enhancing your company’s image and profitability.

Increased efficiency

Don’t waste valuable time. Decrease agent downtime by increasing agent’s time on active calls.

Improved experience

Give your customers the best service with more first contact resolutions and less phone tag.

Invaluable insights

Get the 411 on your contact center with analytics you can rely on for real-time updates and reports.

Effortless compliance with call recordings

Adherence to compliance regulations is essential to all contact centers. This helps prevent unnecessary penalty fees while improving your company’s public image. Call recordings are a must for just about every contact center that wants to remain compliant. Recordings can be used to flag compliance risks that put your organization in jeopardy, training opportunities to show good and bad calls, and act as an additional buffer in the case of a lawsuit.

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Expand your inbound tool belt

Hosted IVR

With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) set up, customers are presented customized menu options in less than a second to direct them to the correct department or provide them with self-service options such as payment portals to enable quick and efficient resolutions.
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Enhanced ACD

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) automatically assigns calls to agents as they become available to streamline the connection process while decreasing agent down time.
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Screen pop

Screen pop gives your agents the ability to better connect with callers each time by providing all the information they need to know as soon as they are connected with the customer.

Get the information you need on the go

Contact centers are a hub for information and data. It can often be overwhelming trying to manage, collect and understand your data enough to make actionable plans. TCN’s Reporting and Analytics automatically gathers your real-time data and compiles everything in your dashboard to keep you up to date with overall campaign performance, individual metrics, voice analytics and agent productivity. With customizable parameters, you can design a reporting system that works for you and adjust it on the go as needed to adapt to changes in the industry and within your own contact center.

What our customers are saying

“TCN’s platform has helped streamline and improve our overall in-house call center operations. Details within the agent dashboard, including call history and service tips has helped reduce the average inbound call time and allowed our agents to service our customers more efficiently.”

A financial services company

Start improving call center operations with TCN.