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Keeping customers connected

Keep the communication flowing between agents and consumers with an email solution. As a professional communication channel, email keeps you in contact with your customers while increasing efficiency and satisfaction.

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Expand your horizons with email capabilities

Stay competitive by adding an email solution to your contact center’s communication repertoire. Utilizing emails keeps your customers informed, whether you’re sending marketing campaigns, reminders or two-way communication problem-solving.

Improve efficiency

Send emails in large quantities instantly and automatically.

Improve professionalism

Customize email format, so every contact is exactly how you want.

 Improve communication

Meet consumers on their preferred communication channel.

Get the right email to the right agent

With an emailing solution, consumers are able to respond to any email and automatically get directed to an agent who can best handle their inquiries. This customer support capability eliminates the need for consumers to look up a separate phone number and allows them to easily connect with your business and get the help they need.

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Automated reminders

Reminder emails can be sent automatically to consumers based on customized preset filters and lists. Instead of spending hours checking lists and going through accounts to send individual reminders, this email capability allows you to only spend a few minutes setting up automated emails so you never have to hit send again. 

Reach your customers instantly

Mass communication

Create email campaigns that include thousands without having to email small groups and individuals separately.

Region lists

Set limits and create lists based on region to prevent non-compliant contacting across different time zones.

Emergency alerts instantly

Your top priority is your customer base. Notify thousands of customers simultaneously in the case of an emergency.

Increased marketing capabilities

Recent trends show that consumers prefer speaking on the phone less and less often. By adjusting to an email marketing system, you can reach customers via their preferred channel while adding a professional quality to your communications.

Payment problems are in the past

Customers can make secure payments anytime through payment links sent with TCN’s two way email system. By providing an alternative payment option to customers, businesses can improve their payment collections and customer experiences.

What our product experts are saying

“Implementing digital communication solutions in a call center is an essential step to keeping up with consumer demands. Giving your consumers multiple communication channels ensures you are giving your business every opportunity to grow and thrive.”

Dave Bethers

Vice President of Product Engagement | TCN

Keep connected with your customers anytime, anywhere