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Preview Dialer

Make your agents smooth operators

Give your contact center agents the confidence and information they need to feel prepared for every customer interaction with Preview Dialer.

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Give agents what they need, before they need it

Used exclusively as an outbound tool, the Preview Dialer is great for contact centers that handle complex service and sales communication. This solution gives agents relevant information before placing a call to a consumer – keeping them more informed and prepared.

Increase effectiveness

Give agents what they need to provide the best customer service.

Improve metrics

Streamline the process to see an improvement in your overall contact center metrics.

Increase productivity

Help agents keep the workflow going with information on the spot.

Add a personal touch to each call

Allow your agents to know who they are talking to before the phone call even begins with a Preview Dialer. Personalizing a conversation with a consumer goes a long way – with the contact information provided beforehand, agents are more prepared for the interaction and can provide better service.

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See improvement in your metrics all around with Preview Dialer

Increase conversion rates

With calls going more smoothly, your number of successful calls will increase.

Increase first call resolutions

Having informed agents will give them the ability to resolve a caller’s needs in the first phone call.

Decrease call abandonment rates

By providing a better customer experience, your abandonment rates will drop.

Allow agents to exceed expectations

Give agents control of their conversations and allow them to achieve their goals. With a preview of each contact before a call begins, agents can keep the momentum going – increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

What our clients are saying

“Integrating TCN into our daily operations was seamless. Customizing and adding campaigns has never been easier. TCN’s wide variety of features makes it possible for us to grow as a company and reach our goals.”

Phil Schroder

Head of Retention and Engagement | McClatchy

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