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TCN + Collections: the perfect combo for an efficient business

Whether you call it Collections or Account Receivables Management (ARM), TCN delivers the best cloud contact center technology in the industry. Boost revenue, recovery rates and compliance with TCN’s intelligent tools that eliminate wasted time with automation, empower agents to reach peak productivity and provide predictive insights to keep your contact center thriving. Have a contact center in collections? TCN was made for you.

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Your concerns are answered with TCN’s benefits

Tired of constantly chasing ever-changing regulations? TCN understands the challenges of running a compliant contact center. Put your mind at ease with TCN’s powerful solutions that simplify compliance and help your business run smoother and more efficiently.

  • Adaptable compliance tools

    TCN offers various solutions to help you simplify complicated rules and minimize risk by adapting to changing regulations with ease. Make being audit-ready stress-free with TCN.

  • Continuous agent training

    TCN focuses on facilitating ongoing training to maximize your productivity. Stay up to date and reach your full potential long after your agents are onboarded.

  • A+ customer service

    TCN’s customer service is incomparable. Quickly get to know your account manager without dealing with hierarchies and experience excellent customer service at no cost to you.

Stay compliant, even with a moving target

TCN developed its Natural Language Compliance solution specifically to help your business keep up with changing compliance regulations. TCN understands it’s hard to keep up with a target that keeps moving. Write, audit and automate compliance rules and reduce risk while regulations come and go. A few compliance laws your collection agency should already be looking out for are:


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) aims to eliminate repetitive, irrelevant or excessively intrusive calling practices — learn about all the details and how to stay compliant here.

Regulation F

Regulation F has helped clarify rules for collection agencies and how debt collectors communicate with debtors — learn more about how to ensure compliance here.

SMS Registration

To help control unwanted SMS messages, North American wireless carriers now require all SMS source numbers for A2P, 10DLC, short code and toll-free SMS to be registered — learn more about how to easily get verified here.


The STIR/SHAKEN process validates the caller’s identity between the caller and callee and all the touchpoints between (such as contact centers, BPO’s, etc.) and originating/terminating carriers — learn more about how to do so here.

Phone Number Registration

Protect your business from being improperly classified as fraud or scam through registration of your phone numbers and the certification of your organization as a trusted caller — learn more about how to do so here.

Call with compliance confidence

Ensure you are calling the correct owner of a cell phone, even when phone numbers are disconnected and reassigned, with TCN’s Reassigned Number Database. Without access to this robust database, managed by the FCC and updated daily, your contact center risks utilizing out-of-date consent lists and, therefore, breaking compliance.

See the big picture, focus on the details

Communication analytics and reporting are seamlessly built into TCN’s contact center software. Reporting and Analytics give contact centers and managers valuable data needed to see the big picture while still getting information on even the most minute details. Intelligent reporting provides customized reports and allows you to track performance. The analytics tools keep things running efficiently and lets your company know what’s working and what’s not – resulting in a considerable amount of time and money saved.

Seamless connections, effortless payments

Omnichannel communications ensure your agents are more available than ever and that getting ahold of them is as convenient and straightforward as possible. Agents can connect with customers on their preferred channel, whether it be email, chat or SMS. Switching between channels is effortless within one simple interface. 

Increase collections through TCN’s Click2Pay solution, where customers can quickly authenticate themselves, see their balance and make payments via SMS without needing to log into a portal and use a username and password.

Achieve peak contact center performance

Workforce Optimization ties the entire agent experience together, increasing agent compliance, performance and productivity while presenting real-time training and learning opportunities. Agent training directly affects the productivity of your contact center – with this TCN tool, ensure your agents are exceeding expectations and staying compliant with the help of checklists and reminders for tasks such as reciting the appropriate Mini-Miranda rights during an interaction.

Unlock ARM efficiency with TCN’s dialers

No one likes to be on hold. Thanks to TCN’s Predictive Dialer, your customers rarely will be. Streamline your agent’s productivity through predictive dialing campaigns designed to contact as many customers as possible while directing them to available agents quickly. 

Then, with TCN’s Preview Dialer, empower your agents to be as prepared as possible by feeding them relevant information before they even talk with the customer. These solutions create the perfect combination for those in the ARM industry to save time, collect more and optimize efficiency.

Never be mislabeled as a scam call

If you want to connect with as many customers as possible, it’s crucial to avoid your calls being flagged as scams. TCN makes it easy to ensure you are known as a verified trusted caller, whether communicating via phone call or text through phone number registration. Safeguard your company, build trust with your customers and connect with more callers with TCN.

Actions speak louder than words, and your collections agency deserves a platform that delivers results.

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