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TCN + Digital Media: meet your most cost-effective and supportive solution

TCN is an all-in-one call center suite that empowers digital media clients to centralize customer communications, save money and boost productivity. But that’s not even the best part – TCN sets a new standard in the contact center industry for being cost-effective while offering best-in-industry customer service at no extra cost to you.

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Why should TCN be your #1 choice?

You can say goodbye to the frustrations of outsourcing your digital media call center needs and take control of your customer experience by bringing your contact center in-house. But out of all call center software vendors, why should you choose TCN?

  • Your all-in-one solution

    TCN delivers an all-inclusive solution that empowers its clients to simplify workflows, save time and minimize errors. Streamline your processes and eliminate the need for multiple platforms with TCN.

  • The most cost-effective vendor

    Why pay more for less? Choose TCN, and you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees, service contracts or being charged for solutions you don’t use – that’s just the TCN way.

  • Incomparable customer service

    Don’t settle for tiered customer support plans that leave you feeling unsupported. From day one, TCN offers each of its customers best-in-industry customer support at no extra cost.

Automate and elevate your customer experience

Instead of fielding endless calls, unlock a smarter way to serve your customers. IVR handles everything that is currently on your agent’s shoulders, such as simple inquiries, temporarily stopping or restarting a subscription, taking payments, handling delivery complaints and more, all while being available outside of normal business hours. Skyrocket your customer service by being consistently available on multiple channels while also gathering and implementing customer feedback and saving you and your customers precious time and resources. Discover how TCN makes customer service easy.

Take your agents from overwhelmed to unstoppable

Agents are the most valuable asset a call center has, so it is important to give them the tools they need to succeed. Empower your agents by helping them find needed answers in real time, providing them with self-learning opportunities and guiding them through calls. Automate menial tasks to simplify the agent experience. Simplify workflows and reduce training time with a streamlined, user-friendly interface. All of this, and more, is possible with TCN’s Agent Assist solution.

Simplify compliance and boost performance

Juggling compliance, agent performance and customer satisfaction is a lot for any call center – Voice Analytics, an integrated tool that simplifies compliance and helps you optimize agent performance, makes it easy. Record, filter and flag conversations to monitor compliance and highlight key training opportunities. Leverage customized agent scorecards to provide continual agent coaching. If you want to make informed decisions based on customer trends to boost customer engagement and optimize agent performance, Voice Analytics is a necessity.

Explore all the features of TCN’s call center software

Grow effortlessly with Reporting and Analytics

Driving effective customer service requires constant data analysis – but doing this manually wastes time and slows your progress. With Reporting and Analytics, effortlessly monitor campaign performance, use filters to find pain points or compliance issues and get customized reports in real-time. With TCN’s seamlessly integrated solution, monitor conversion rates and deliverables while fine-tuning your agents’ performance. Stop struggling with outdated methods and embrace a smarter, easier way.

Unleash the power of your subscriber data

Many digital media businesses face the challenge of managing and utilizing their subscriber database. Traditional software platforms lack the tools to effectively parse data by campaign type, subscription code or new subscriber status, hindering the ability to deliver targeted campaigns and create a richer subscriber experience. TCN’s List Management Services (LMS) empowers you to transform your subscriber data from a burden into a strategic asset by helping you effortlessly analyze and leverage your data.

Want increased engagement and lower costs? See how McClatchy did it with TCN

TCN’s promised results are backed by real data. McClatchy, a major media company with over 65 million monthly readers, needed to improve engagement and retention efforts efficiently. Their previous solution proved costly and cumbersome, so they turned to TCN, where they experienced:

  • Cost savings: Achieving higher quality results at a lower cost per contact than their previous solution
  • Seamless integration: TCN’s customer support ensured a smooth and efficient integration, providing ongoing assistance
  • Increased efficiency: Automating tasks created a more reliable and responsive system, crucial for timely communication and subscription retention

That’s not all – check out the full case study to learn more.

Unlock better results, slash costs and experience unmatched customer support – that’s the TCN promise.

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