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TCN’s solutions are specially designed to overcome the challenges within the utility industry. Our software solutions keep your business compliant while increasing efficiency in day-to-day contacting and in the event of an emergency.

TCN software provides utility companies with tools to:

  • Anticipate consumer needs
  • Alert of service interruptions
  • Access data and insights
  • Improve consumer communication
  • Send appointment and overdue account reminders
  • Automate and collect payments through SMS and email
  • Give customers queued-callback options 

See how a national utility company used TCN to help families stay up-to-date during devastating storms caused blackouts and service interruptions — See Case Study.

With TCN’s analytic software, utility companies can determine what each demographic within their consumer base needs and create actionable plans backed by data. Happy consumers are the ones that get what they need even before they know they want it. 

With better tools, you can do more. TCN ensures that your agents have all the tools they need to succeed by providing a customizable platform that allows you to scale as needed and doesn’t tie you down with long-term contracts. 

You can also count on TCN’s cloud-based platform when an emergency strikes and you find your utility company in need of another tool from TCN’s suite. Your call center, along with any new features can be up and running within a day to make sure your business can keep up with changes. With these solutions in the cloud, all you need is a phone or computer with internet access to send essential communication to your customers in any emergency situation.

Consumers demand instant access to important information. As a utility company, you can contact thousands of consumers within minutes with simple and complex notifications. Our platform allows you to contact individuals based on preset filters and lists that can narrow groups down using age, timezone, region and even billing history. TCN also provides personalized messaging to help add the human touch to your communications. 

Utilities is a fast-growing and ever-changing industry with many challenges. Make sure your business is equipped with the best tools to face and overcome these challenges while providing the best possible service to your consumers.

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See how a national utility company used TCN to help families stay up-to-date during devastating storms caused blackouts and service interruptions.

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