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Business Process Outsourcing

TCN + BPO: a relationship meant to go hand in hand

Whether your clients’ provider lacks flexibility or locks you into long, expensive contracts, TCN has solutions tailor-made for outsourcing needs. Traditionally, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies utilize their customers’ communication platform. However, data shows that 20% of the time, clients are looking for the BPO to provide the solution. TCN is your all-in-one solution, empowering you to be there for your customers 24/7, anywhere and on any device while being cost-effective.

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Let TCN work for your BPO

TCN provides the benefits BPOs need to increase efficiency and productivity without the hassle of paying for seat licenses and/or monthly minimums. With TCN’s flexibility, you can discover what it’s like to have a call center software platform that grows with you instead of holding you back.

  • Adaptable compliance tools

    TCN offers various solutions to help you simplify complicated rules and minimize risk by easily adapting to changing regulations. Make being audit-ready stress-free with TCN no matter where you are located, thanks to incorporated global security standards.

  • One platform for all the tools

    TCN’s platform includes all the tools you need to run your BPO in one place. There is no need to have several different logins or interfaces; you can oversee all solutions in one platform.

  • Reporting and analytics

    TCN has robust reporting tools to help you discover actionable insights. Stay informed with intuitive dashboards that keep you up to date with your agents, overall site performance and individual metrics so you can make evidence-based plans for improvement.

Global reach without sacrificing quality

TCN’s low-load platform lets your business access our services from any location. Our geographically distributed servers ensure consistent high quality for all users. Plus, TCN leverages Google Cloud’s global network, enabling agents to log in securely from anywhere in the world. This translates to seamless, high-quality calls — perfect for collaboration between offshore and nearshore BPO teams.

The pricing structure to complement your business

TCN believes you should only pay for what you use. With our competitive pricing, you can customize your call center solutions portfolio as much as you want. Unlike other call center software providers, TCN won’t lock you into long-term contracts to tie you down and make you pay for solutions you won’t use, seat licenses or monthly fees. TCN’s pricing model gives you more flexibility.

Explore all the features of TCN’s call center software

Streamline your business with Workforce Management

With Workforce Management (WFM), your BPO can schedule agents confidently, knowing they are utilizing their assets to their fullest potential. WFM allows your business to optimize, empower and streamline workflows. Your agents also have the ability to log in from anywhere, which provides coveted flexibility. BPOs have different needs for different clients, and WFM provides the accommodation that can allow that. Do more with WFM’s robust system while giving your clients and agents the support they need.

Real-world results with real-life clients

TCN brings a wealth of expertise in enhancing BPO operations and is eager to help yours. Consider the case of a global top-ten BPO company seeking to elevate its key performance indicators for an underperforming campaign. By leveraging TCN’s advanced call center platform and integrating the Reporting and Analytics tools, TCN played a pivotal role in boosting the BPO’s productivity by an astounding 270%!

After this BPO client switched to TCN, not only did their overall call center performance increase, but they also experienced:

  • 45% reduction in agent hours
  • 65% increase in Right Party Contacts
  • Savings of $75,000 in agent hours per month

Actions speak louder than words. With TCN in your toolbelt, you’ll have a platform that delivers results in no time.

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