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TCN's Operator

5 Ways TCN Operator Is Changing the Face of the Contact Center

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

This year TCN recently launched Operator, the newest version of its contact center platform. Operator is a cloud-based call center software designed and built with all contact centers in mind, regardless of application or industry. 

Operator, can I help you? 

During the development and planning of Operator, our program engineers discussed how Operator is a complete package for the total customer AND agent experience. 

The product vision for Operator started with the fundamental question: What is a hosted contact center software?”

Historically, software components were viewed as separate products that communicated with each other to accomplish specific and related tasks within the contact center.

Today, however, Operator reimagines what a modern call center should be. TCN Operator is a collection of call center software applications that help facilitate the function and delivery of all call center communications, reporting, analytics, and management for agents and consumers. All on a unified communications platform.

Hello, Operator.

With that context in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways Operator is changing the face of the contact center and customer experience. 

1. Reaching your customer on their terms

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for consumer options when contacting a business. 

Whether it’s transactional, messaging, survey communications, or other channels like email, chat and SMS. Omnichannel communications give customers every opportunity to connect. 

The key to reaching your customers on their terms is providing a unified experience to talk to consumers over any medium. Ignore the channel and just have a conversation with the consumer in the way that they prefer. The agent should not care how it is being delivered.

A solution like TCN Operator gives agents a platform to interact across multiple channels and is a must for an increased customer experience.

2. Easy call center compliance

Operator is changing the face of call center compliance with simple, easy-to-use services, like Natural Language Compliance, an easy-to-use compliance builder that allows for natural rule building.

Receiving and storing customer consent or recording and transcribing each call for compliance can be tricky and sometimes confusing, especially with recent changes to the upcoming Reg F deadline and the Reassigned Number Database. 

Operator was developed to help your organization steer clear of potential TCPA penalties.

We’ve also put together the most comprehensive compliance guide resource in the industry. Check out The Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance

We cover topics and regulations from the TCPA, CFPB, FDCPA, and more recently Reg F and STIR/SHAKEN. All to help you stay compliant and current.

3. Managing data and reports

Going above and beyond the visibility of standard reporting can unlock unseen potential in a contact center. TCN Operator’s Business Intelligence platform will help you make the most current and informed decisions. Create custom dashboards and automated reporting for everything from entire call campaign metrics to customized analytics. 

Most relevant and used call center KPIs:

  • Measure conversion rates across teams or individuals
  • Monitor deliverables in real-time
  • Validate and track compliance status
  • Layer call outcomes (or any metric) to discover hidden outcome influencers
  • Forecast costs and staffing to protect service level agreements
  • Stop agents from gaming the system with customized metric tracking

4. Workforce engagement at your fingertips

Managing agent schedules and overall performance just got a whole lot easier. Through TCN’s Operator Workforce Engagement (WFE) services, call centers can expect to take agent and customer experiences to a whole new level. 

Workforce Engagement helps your call center with:

  • Customer experience evaluations and captured interactions
  • Pinpointing root cause of customer and agent behaviors
  • Optimal agent scheduling time of day, week, and month
  • Gamification
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Screen recording

Our flexible cloud solution also provides omnichannel, voice and screen recording, desktop and voice analytics, quality and coaching, eLearning, workforce management and performance management. 

5. Plays nice with others

Software integrations on Operator open the door to more unified communication possibilities. These shared services are the backbone of every organization and enable the core functionality across products and services. It also makes up how our integration and automation capabilities work across every TCN application.

Using a unified platform automating reports and simple communications is just the beginning. Automation can eliminate human error when generating internal or external deliverables.

Check out a few of our integration partners: Salesforce, Zendesk, and other billing processors to learn more. TCN makes things easy by smoothly integrating with your favorite apps and services.

Why TCN call center software?

There are thousands of call centers that use and trust TCN each day. We take care of that trust and continue to build on our already award-winning platform. With 24/7 customer support and no long-term contracts, you’ll get all the help you need whenever you need it.

For a closer look at Operator, be sure to request a demo and start leveraging the most powerful contact center platform in the industry.

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