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TCN’s Solution to Help Your Call Center Steer Clear of TCPA Penalties

TCPA Penalties

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For any organization’s call center, TCPA penalties can seem daunting and confusing when policies constantly change. It is critical to keep your organization compliant to avoid possible penalties and charges due to violations. TCPA guidelines apply to everyone, except to those who have tax-exempt status.

Most of the time, TCPA penalties organizations face are small errors that only require minor changes. TCN’s cloud-based features, including cell phone scrubbing and call recording, help organizations maintain TCPA compliance throughout the busy day-to-day tasks. With seamless integration, these features are adaptable for a call center of any size.

Receiving Customer Consent

Consent is the first step to a call center’s interaction with any customer. Managers must take the necessary precautions to make sure prior consent is expressed before they are contacted — keeping a record of the given consent can also protect against any future TCPA issues.

Call Recording & Transcription

Using TCN’s call recording service, managers can look at the details of every call. Did the agent use proper language? How was this customer’s issue resolved? Managers and agents can answer all of these questions and more. Working together, they are able to analyze customer interactions and identify areas for improvement. Calls that meet specific KPIs can be used for reference to help agents reach their goals.

Benefits of TCN’s call recording and transcription services:

  • Real-time data is available anywhere with an internet connection
  • 100% call recording (predictive, manual, outbound, inbound and manually approved calls)
  • All recordings are searchable and transcription transfers are available
  • Scalable for any business and organization
  • Promotes quality monitoring, process compliance, dispute resolution, and agent coaching and training

With its cloud-based technology, TCN’s call recording provides storage suitable for any amount of usage — relieving managers of worry about running out of storage capacity.

Taking Control of Your TCPA Compliance Risks

With the benefits of TCN, managers can keep track of calls and analyze recordings that help them make educated predictions and ensure efficiency.
Utilizing features such as TCN Natural Language Compliance (NLC) allows managers to stay in control of their contact centers while maintaining TCPA compliance. The NLC and Manually Approved Calling (MAC) helps control when, where, how, and to whom all communications happen.

Managers stay educated on TCPA regulations and updates to stay on top of keeping their contact center in compliance and steer clear of TCPA penalties. Incorporating practices to ensure compliance can ultimately improve call center performance and agent confidence.

This information is to be used as a resource for your call center, however, it is not fully comprehensive of all TCPA regulations and is not intended to be used as legal advice.
Want to learn more? TCN is here to help organizations understand TCPA compliance and guidelines.

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