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Why a Cloud-Based Call Center is the Next Step to Modernization

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Have you ever had your cell phone break unexpectedly? Not only is it an inconvenience to go through the process of getting a replacement phone, but having that sinking realization that your contacts and photos had not been backed up is just the cherry on top. Nobody likes losing precious memories or information, which is why most people go to great lengths to back up their essential items on their phones.

Similarly, businesses have valuable information. If their customer information and records are lost during a power outage, there can be devastating effects. This feared incident is why more and more organizations are finding ways to keep their data safe and secure.

Cloud-based software is helping contact centers everywhere save money, time, and improve performance. With technology constantly progressing, organizations need to take the next step to modernization by switching to the cloud.

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Cloud-based call center software saves organizations from paying significant upfront costs for set up and hardware. Not only can the on-premise software take months to be up and running, but many contact centers find themselves with technology issues. These issues can lead to a halt on operations and additional maintenance costs.

The cloud allows for easy set up that can be completed in as little as one hour. Flat-rate billing for monthly subscriptions helps your contact center continue smooth operation without the worry of hidden expenses or service interruptions.

Eliminating on-premise hardware allows call centers to downsize their IT department and reduce payroll costs.

The built-in IT support that comes with cloud-based software provides all the help your call center needs with 24/7 customer service.


Flexibility is key to having a modern contact center. Your organization needs the ability to accommodate changes at the drop of a hat. The cloud-based call center software allows you to scale on-demand to support changing workloads quickly. While on the other hand, on-premise hardware requires more time and equipment that can keep your call center from providing its best customer service.

Work From Anywhere

Now more than ever, having the ability for agents to work from home is a priority. With the cloud, information and records are stored and available from anywhere with a secure internet connection. Some call centers that have resisted using a cloud-based system in the past are now quickly realizing the true power of the cloud during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disaster Recovery

Although it’s hard to prepare for a disaster adequately, using the cloud is about as close as a call center can get. Even if the worst-case-scenario occurs where an organization’s building is destroyed, its data, records, and valuable information will still be kept safe and sound in the cloud.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only does using a cloud-based software benefit a call center’s operations, but it also benefits the environment. When an organization’s cloud needs to fluctuate, the server capacity scales to fit — ensuring that only the required energy is used and there is no oversized carbon footprint.

Say goodbye to the hassle of on-premise software, and hello to a modernized contact center with the cloud. Learn more about what the cloud can do for you and why more people are switching to the cloud.

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