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iOS7 Beta Includes Built-In VoIP

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One of the latest announcements from Apple is its new iOS 7 with a myriad of new features and capabilities. As part of its announcement, Apple demonstrated the new FaceTime feature which incorporates state of the art VoIP. This feature alone makes the new operating system a must have for Apple users, though companies involved in the industry are uncertain as to its eventual impact. The beta version has turned heads, and users eagerly look forward to the full version release.

VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol and performs just that. Using access to internet, VoIP allows a person to send and receive voice and video without touching their minutes or data. To date, call quality hasn’t been as good as when using cell towers or land lines, but recent advances have pushed the technology into becoming not only viable, but also a better option. Any two people in the world should be able to communicate with nothing more than an internet connection.

FaceTime has been implemented by Apple in every situation possible in iOS 7. Calls can be made from the Phone app, the dedicated FaceTime app, and Messages, along with others. FaceTime allows either an audio call or a video call using local WiFi. It is rumored that eventually the technology will allow users to substitute their own data, but a firm date hasn’t been set. When tested, sound quality is surprisingly good. And, best of all, with the implementation of this technology iPhone users around the world will have access to free long distance and international calling.

At present, it seems that there are just as many arguments against implementing the technology as there are for it. Fears regarding the potential loss of jobs in conventional communications industries have been raised. As well, service providers that support Apples products, such as AT&T have voiced their concerns regarding the decreased number of minutes needed by their users. And finally, a pitfall of the VoIP itself is that it doesn’t allow for simultaneous transfer of voice data as is seen in landlines. While delays are slight, they are still present.

The OS is scheduled to be released this fall. Even though it was shown off as a beta version, potential users are already excited. The prospect of an even better version has a large portion of the tech world salivating at the chance to try out the new iOS 7 with built-in VoIP.

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