Automatic Call Distribution, ACD, IVR, Interactive Voice Response

Jul 28, 2020

IVR and ACD: The Dynamic Duo of Call Center Technology

Posted In: ACD, IVR Author: Hannah Gardine

They say that two is always better than one. As call center technology is ever-evolving, different types of features come and go. However, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) always come together to elevate each other with their individual features. Thanks to cloud-based technology, these features can be used for their maximum […]

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healthcare call center

Jul 23, 2020

TCN: Providing the Best Services for Healthcare Call Centers

Posted In: Healthcare Author: Hannah Gardine

The healthcare industry is always changing and evolving as healthcare professionals deal with budget cuts, employee turnover, and creating new strategies to improve the payer-consumer relationship. As outsiders of the healthcare industry, TCN innovates cloud-based software from another point of view. We provide healthcare call centers with new advancements that change the patient-agent relationship by […]

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Room 303, call center software update

Jul 20, 2020

Platform Update: Room 303, A Call Center Chat Application for Internal Communication Between Agents and Manager

Posted In: Platform Updates Author: Mckay Bird

Internal communication and collaboration are vital to any organization — even without the global work-from-home COVID-19 pandemic. With so many business applications calling for attention each day, it can be easy to lose focus. This is especially true for call center agents and the customers they interact with. Room 303 – A New Internal Chat […]

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TCPA Compliance

Jul 16, 2020

Myths vs. Facts: Keeping Your Call Center in TCPA Compliance

Posted In: Compliance Author: Marie Christenson

It seems that things are always changing, and people are always talking. Sometimes it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. When it comes to reducing your call center’s TCPA compliance risk, there shouldn’t be any guessing involved. With violations resulting in fines, it’s important to keep your contact center in-the-know and not take […]

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Call Center, Cloud-Based, Virtual Call Center

Jul 10, 2020

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Virtual Call Center During COVID-19

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, COVID-19 Author: Hannah Gardine

Everyone has heard the idea that artificial intelligence will be the leading workforce of the future one day. While people aren’t turning to robotics quite yet, transitioning to a virtual call center has become a reality for many — thanks to COVID-19. Managers are now undertaking the challenge of maintaining operations remotely and finding that […]

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Interactive Voice Response IVR

Jul 08, 2020

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Creates the Perfect Customer Service Solution

Posted In: Business Intelligence, IVR Author: Nathan Campbell

TCN is your IT department “In the Cloud” for all your IVR needs. An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is usually an automated customer service solution that uses pre-recorded responses to meet caller needs that make your call center rock-n-roll. A good IVR can save your business a ton of money. When you’re managing a […]

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outbound call center

Jul 02, 2020

3 Ways Predictive Auto Dialer Software Can Improve Outbound Call Center Efficiency

Posted In: Outbound, Predictive & Manual Dialer Author: Marie Christenson

In the fast-paced modern call center, agents don’t have time to look up a phone number, read information about a lead, and manually dial each digit. It’s time to say goodbye to call center agents spending precious time personally dialing calls — only to have every third attempt result with someone answering the phone. In […]

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Call Center, Cloud-Based, Customer Relationship, T-Mobile Outage

Jun 29, 2020

T-Mobile Outage: The Effects on Call Centers and Consumers

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Now Trending Author: Hannah Gardine

T-Mobile Outage It looks like a software engineer in Silicon Valley might have tripped over the power cord again… Nobody can fully prepare for a crisis. However, when one does occur, organizations can do their best to use it as an opportunity to improve their processes and customer service. Recently, T-Mobile experienced a global outage […]

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