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TCN Call Center Solutions: Better Use Of Analytics

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Author: Nathan Campbell

When considering the many challenges businesses face today, the need for a high-performing and efficient call center is becoming increasingly critical in order to reach that perfect balance between customer care and resource utilization. Call center analytics can facilitate an unmatched opportunity to monitor and enhance a variety of service metrics, including call times, efficiency, employee performance, and customer satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at what call center analytics are and how they can improve overall call center performance.

What Exactly is Call Center Analytics?

Call center analytics are a variety of tools that call centers can employ through multiple support channels to keep their call floor operation at top performance. Some of the main challenges with any call center, regardless of the size, is that management on the floor only has access to limited amounts of information. However, on the same call floor, you will have multiple agents dealing with hundreds and thousands of customers on a daily basis about all kinds of problems, and yet only the highly escalated situations will ever come to the knowledge of management. Without call center analytics, many opportunities for improvement would remain hidden. This equates to losses in revenue, customer satisfaction and overall agent moral.

There are many advantages of using analytics in your call center. Successful call centers use advanced analytics software like TCN to monitor and review the performance of call agents as well as to increase customer satisfaction.

How Analytics Effect Customer Relationships

The most common complaints about call centers have to do with being on hold for way too long, slow turnaround times, explaining an issue multiple times to different agents, and lack of a satisfactory resolution are other significant reasons for so many complaints.
Call center analytics can leverage these all-to-familiar call center problems into opportunities to improve. By reviewing each of these aspects, businesses can look at specific information that they have tied to greater customer satisfaction and then adjust their work and processes accordingly.

With enough resources to deal with incoming calls, this allows for more time spent with each customer and, ultimately, more call time to resolve the issues at hand. When systems are operating at peak efficiency, service level agreements are being met more often and a host of other problems are quickly anticipated and solved.

For outbound call centers that focus on sales, measuring the profit and cost of the call center can help you see its true impact on the whole organization. You can get absolute visibility into revenue, costs, and profit by implementing your call center with your CRM and sales reports. With this type of transparency, you’ll be able to see the entire picture and assess whether your sales calls are taking too long as well as their outcome.

TCN Call Center Analytics Enhance Customer Care

Check out TCN’s comprehensive feature list below. Click each link to learn more about our call center software and then request a demo!

Scalable Cloud-Based Contact Center
Call Center Business Intelligence
Manual Dialer
Preview/Manual Dialing Mode
Live Call Monitoring
Real-Time Call Campaign Costs Monitoring and Reporting
Skills-Based Call Routing
Decision Blocking
Manager-to-Agent Messaging
Inbound/Outbound/Blended Call Flows
Predictive Dialer
Redialing Busy or No-Answers
Conditional and Sequential Dialing
Hang Up on Answering Machines
Alternate Time of Day Dialing
Rotating Messages
Populates DNC Lists Automatically
Auto Dialer
Blended Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Traffic/Volume Forecasting
Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM)
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Call Recording and Storage
Manually Approved Calling (MAC)
Cell Phone Scrub
AgentSMS – Interactive SMS Suite
Seamless Data Transfers
VocalDirect – Voicemail Delivery Suite
Healthcare Services Suite
VocalVision – Call Center Suite for the Visually Impaired
Job Access with Speech (JAWS) Compatible
Business Intelligence
Agent Gateway – Intuitive Agent Interface
Conferencing, Messaging, Agent Triggers and More
Agent-Level, Real-Time Customizable Reporting
Comprehensive Compliance Suite
Custom Web-Services APIs
Multi-Tenant Account Access
Enhanced Reporting / KPIs
Manager Barge-In / Full Conference / Whisper to Agent
Manager Dashboards
Custom Agent Scripting
Simple Setup for At-Home Agents
Interactive Voice Messaging


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