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Global Connect is Now Part of TCN

In 2017, Global Connect merged with TCN and has since combined the two companies’ platforms to provide both customer bases with the best solutions available. As of April 1, 2020, the Global Connect platform ceased to support any campaigns or broadcasts. Moving forward, all new accounts will be created and serviced through TCN’s platform, Operator, to provide customers with a streamlined experience.

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Why TCN?

TCN provides powerful, affordable cloud contact center solutions that are perfect for any contact center organization. With TCN’s no-contract promise, contact centers can customize the cloud-based platform to meet every need.

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Product Challenger – Contact Center as a Service, CX 2022

“TCN’s cloud-based delivery model allows clients to easily scale and adjust to evolving business needs. TCN has significant scope for growth and expansion both horizontally and in the industry verticals in the regions it covers.”

Kenn Walters – ISG Lead Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Global Connect’s platform?

The Global Connect platform and technology are now combined and enhanced with TCN. Global Connect clients have transitioned to the new TCN platform, and all services moving forward will be provided by and through TCN. Please call 866-745-1900 to speak to an account manager with any questions.

How do customers benefit from this merger?

Combining the two platforms into a robust multi-channel product enables customers to better address and respond to evolving contact center market needs. With the combined companies, sales teams and market share, there are more resources available to continue to push product innovation. TCN’s platform provides a better user experience as well as additional reporting and agent tools for increased efficiency.

What does this merger mean for TCN’s future product roadmap?

TCN’s Global Connect merger has delivered many benefits, including notably faster feature development of solutions such as omnichannel communication, compliance automation and data management capabilities.