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Debt Collection Software: Collect and Connect with Efficiency

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Author: Hannah Gardine

Debt collection agencies have a lot on their plates. From worries concerning increasing collection rates to dealing with upset customers, there are many factors that go into having a successful debt collection agency. 

Debt collection software makes all of the difference for increasing productivity and performance levels. 

Collect with Ease

Debt collection agencies can be left in the dust without efficient software to back them up with the right tools they need.

As bill collectors try to increase revenue, they may find themselves with software that doesn’t meet their needs. This could lead to issues down the road to decreased efficiency and increased employee turnover.

TCN Operator offers a complete suite of tools to help debt collectors keep efficiency in mind. The TCN experience is a seamless integration that is built to be completely adaptable to any size of call center. 

Connect with Your Customers 

Customers rely on businesses to offer easy and accessible solutions on a day-to-day basis. Debt collection agencies are not excluded from this expectation. With Interactive Voice Response (IVR), customers who prefer not to speak to an agent can still benefit from your services. 

TCN helps collection agencies and call centers by providing cloud-based solutions that help connect them with their customers as efficiently as possible. 

 Improve Agent Efficiency 

Every day, agents face a variety of different calls. Within these calls, some could have been handled through prompts instead of speaking to a live agent. 

TCN’s call center software is built to help free up your agents — not restrict them to perform poorly. Suppose a caller has certain needs that are dealt with by specifically trained agents. In that case, TCN’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) can route the call to the appropriate agent. ACD can track the customer’s personal payment information and transfer it to a specialized agent that can solve their issue. This way, agents are being reached with efficiency in mind as customers are being helped throughout the day. 

TCN’s debt collection software has eliminated the need for complicated hardware or excessive staff. 

As your agents are taking on a variety of differing calls and customer interactions, it’s critical that compliance is at the forefront of their minds.

To stay on top of compliance regulations, download TCN’s eBook here. 

Here’s an eBook sneak peek: 

“Under the CFPB’s rules, a voicemail message qualifies as a “limited-content message” and is thus not subject to the FDCPA’s restrictions on “communications” if it includes certain information.”

Request a demo from TCN today to find out what your call center is missing — maximum performance and optimal results. 

About the Author: Hannah Gardine

Hannah Gardine is currently working as a marketing intern at TCN, a leading provider of cloud-based call center software. She is earning her B.S. in Marketing at Dixie State University. Passionate about creative marketing strategy and digital marketing, she enjoys being able to collaborate with the team and help with all aspects of TCN’s marketing initiatives.