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Debt Management & Collections System

Solutions for an Effective Debt Management Collections System

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Is your organization looking to improve connections or increase collections? Call center solutions have a significant impact on the collection industry. Starting with increased revenues and recovery rates, TCN is helping collection agencies utilize a debt management system to improve internal operations. 

Collection agencies are met with serious customer inquiries every day, and if they aren’t handled properly, they can negatively halter the potential for increased collections and improved performance.

Everyday tasks can be simplified with TCN’s cloud-based call center software. When collection agencies face challenges with their customer base, they know that they can count on a call center interface that delivers real-time data where and when they need it. 


TCN’s Commitment for Immediate Results

Sometimes positive results can’t wait any longer to be revealed. You deserve to know your progress and how call center software is improving all aspects of your organization. Here are some immediate results that come from implementing an effective management system:

Immediate Results For Your Collections Agency

  • Unlimited capacity
  • Fluid auto pacing
  • Increased answering machine detection rates
  • Broader account penetration
  • Agent screen pops
  • Integrates with all CRMs and Collectors Software
  • Collectors become inbound agents taking pre-qualified right party calls
  • Pre Recorded messages free up collectors’ time
  • Pay over the phone or via an internet portal

These results may seem small compared to the overall results that your agency may expect. Still, these benefits may change the course of how your organization holds up against constant changes and technological advancements. Cloud-based features are made with these immediate results in mind. 

TCN’s Predictive Dialer Giving the Debt Collection Industry an Edge 

TCN provides an intelligent predictive dialer solution that allows agents to have meaningful calls with your customers. Nothing is worse than agents not being able to stay efficient during their workday. 

An agent’s workload may consist of calls that were unnecessarily prolonged or inefficient. This could be due to your organization’s lack of interface to help them stay on top of their metrics and KPI’s. 

TCN’s Predictive Dialer is one of the many call center solutions that TCN provides. With its easy setup and accessibility, agents can start making efficient calls to your customers in no time. Agents can access these features with Agent Gateway — TCN’s agent interface to manage performance and track metrics. 

TCN’s call center software has benefited all types of customers worldwide. See how one of TCN’s clients benefits from the Predictive Dialer. 

“TCN was the very best predictive dialer and blast dialer choice because of the feature to value ratio. They have exactly what we need at a reasonable price. The true differentiator — TCN’s staff is beyond responsive and helpful, even anticipating our needs as our business has changed and grown. Whether it is presenting enhanced TCN capabilities or supporting us on new regulatory requirements for messages, they take our business very personally.”

– Katherine Bryan | ERI

All of TCN’s features complement each other with one thing in mind — helping your organization stay on track with its industry-leading call center software. 
Your organization may be one step closer to implementing an effective debt management and collections system. Download TCN’s case study to learn how you can start increasing collections today.

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