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TCN Presents the Cloud Based Call Center at ACA Tri-State 2017

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

At ACA Tri-State 2017, a conference that attracts debt collection agencies and contact centers from the states of Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, Clint Laubaugh, TCN’s Executive Sales Manager met with attendees to discuss ongoing concerns inside the collections industry. He focused on three areas: efficiency, compliance, and dialing needs. Each topic receives further attention below.

Efficiency and the Cloud Based Call Center
Agent and agency efficiency remain benchmarks within the contact center and collections industries. It’s easy to understand why; increased efficiency decreases operational costs. But efficiency offers more than cost-savings. It can enhance productivity and profitability, too.

The challenge lies in finding new ways to maximize efficiency. Monitoring hours may be effective to a certain extent, but it only goes so far. What often produces more gains is the cloud based call center.

Such software helps agencies and centers minimize bottlenecks in workflow. It also allows organizations to optimize their operations with in-depth analytics about agent and business performance. Finally, a cloud based call center such as TCN’s offers value-add components like business intelligence (BI) and seamless integrations of CRM software and other tools.

Compliance and Collections Contact Center Software
TCPA compliance remains a quagmire for even the most legally astute contact center. Regulations change or become more stringent. And, for agencies working in collections, healthcare, or banking, the regulations—and penalties for overstepping them—are even more severe.

Fortunately, technology like collections contact center software helps reduce some of the complexity. It also eases some anxiety felt by contact center managers and owners, helping them refocus their attention on the business operations that matter.

Collections contact center software like TCN’s makes it easy to scrub cell phone numbers and to auto-populate Do Not Call lists. In addition, agents can use the software to set up multiple scripts and preferred time periods for outbound calls. Other functions include manager barge-in, which saves calls from spiraling out of control, and privacy measures to keep customers’ personal data secure.

Dialing Needs and Cloud Contact Center Solutions
Finally, Laubaugh spoke with attendees about their dialing needs. Most agencies and contact centers rely on outbound and inbound dialing to reach customers. Without the dual-dialing method, organizations can become less effective.

But organizations require more than a simplistic inbound-outbound mechanism. They need dialing solutions that meet customers’ expectations and today’s compliance requirements. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to find one anymore, especially after ACA Tri-State.

TCN’s cloud contact center solutions solve the dialing dilemma. They employ a Predictive Dialer and Manual Dial, as well as a fully blended model. The first makes compliant calling simple. Users upload their contact list, choose a template, and schedule calls. The second provides some safeguards for calls, requiring that each call be approved prior to being added to a call queue. The third combines the first two features into an all-in-one solution to further maximize agent efficiency and efficacy.

Improve Compliance with the Cloud Based Call Center
The cloud based call center aids with compliance and collections. But it delivers other benefits, too, with its on-demand capabilities and analytics. To learn how the cloud based call center transforms collections agencies and contact centers, download the eBook “Fred Flintstone vs. George Jetson: 6 Reasons Call Center Execs Are Moving from On-Premise Solutions to the Cloud” today.

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