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Cell Phone Scrub

How TCN’s Cell Phone Scrub Can Ensure Compliance

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Abbie Tabbilos

Marketing Content Writer

The TCPA regulates what is and is not allowed in contact centers. For example, call centers are not permitted to phone anyone in the National Do Not Call Registry or use automated messaging systems without consent.

Here’s the catch: Keeping track of all the changes each phone number on your contact list may go through is completely unfeasible to do manually.

Thankfully, TCN Operator provides various solutions for helping you stay compliant in your call center operations. One way to ensure your organization isn’t penalized for non-compliance is by implementing TCN’s Cell Phone Scrub solution.

What is Cell Phone Scrubbing?

Contact centers are responsible for following the reassignment of phone numbers to ensure they do not reach out to people on the National Do Not Call Registry. To make compliance even more stressful, the TCPA enforces strict liability, meaning call centers are responsible for all compliance mishaps —no matter the intentions. 

For instance, if an agent contacts a cell phone number thinking it belongs to someone who previously consented to be contacted, but that number had recently been reassigned to someone who did not provide consent, the organization could face a substantial fine. Just because a phone number is safe to contact today does not mean it is safe to contact tomorrow. 

TCN Operator’s Cell Phone Scrubbing takes the load off by conducting regular scrubs to ensure there are no phone numbers in your call list that are non-consenting. It cleans your data list by archiving unsafe numbers, protecting your contact center by maintaining TCPA compliance.

How does TCN Operator’s Cell Phone Scrub work?

TCN’s solution utilizes block assignment, portability identification and the Reassigned Numbers Database to scrub your data lists.

A phone number block assignment is the prefix, or the first three numbers after the area code. These numbers vary depending on wireless carriers. TCN Operator uses these block assignments to organize lists and identify whether a phone number is safe to contact.

The Reassigned Numbers Database is updated daily to help ensure you are contacting the correct owner of a cell phone number. Through TCN, you can tap into this vast resource to provide added assurance that you are successfully maintaining compliance.

Operator uses portability identification In combination with these tools to recognize when a number has been reassigned from being a wireline to a wireless line or ported to a new carrier, which may then change the regulations attached to that phone number. 

The cost of non-compliance

The importance of maintaining TCPA compliance is insurmountable; organizations can cop fines ranging from $500 to $1,500 for each instance in which the rules are bent. 

Protect your business by implementing TCN Operator’s Cell Phone Scrub, using block assignment, portability identification, and the Reassigned Numbers Database. That way, you can focus on doing your job without worrying about the fine print.

Download The Manager’s Guide to Call Center Compliance Regulations now to learn more about keeping your call center in check.

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