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TCPA Compliance

How Cell Phone Scrub Helps Move the Needle Toward TCPA Compliance

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Some businesses are all aflutter over the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Yet the fact remains that, despite some recent easing, most companies are still challenged by the daily struggle to stay TCPA compliant.

To explore how some of those technologies and compliance efforts work together, this article will cover three points.

1. Why staying TCPA compliant matters to businesses and call centers.
2. Why remaining TCPA compliant matters to customers.
3. How cell phone scrub aids in TCPA compliance.

Why Staying TCPA Compliant Matters to Businesses and Call Centers

When it comes to why TCPA compliance matters today, a few compliance experts would probably key in on the financial consequences. Fair enough. The financial fallout resulting from noncompliance is steep—so much so that some businesses and call centers can’t afford it. Either they declare bankruptcy, occasionally restructuring and resurfacing as a new entity a few months later, or they shut their doors permanently.

Other experts might prioritize reputational damage. Again, a wise choice. Noncompliance can result in poor media coverage. It can also produce unhappy customers who share their feelings and experiences with others. As a result, the business suffers, perhaps seeing an exodus of current customers or experiencing difficulty in attracting new clients.

But staying TCPA compliant is important for other reasons, too. TCPA compliance can improve agent efficiency and productivity. With Do Not Call lists and cell phone scrub, they call fewer wrong numbers, resulting in a higher number of right-party contacts. Those contacts, in turn, yield better results, either in purchases and less difficult payment and account conversations.

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Why Staying TCPA Compliant Matters to Customers

Staying TCPA compliant also matters because of today’s customers. They seek to partner with or purchase from companies that prioritize privacy. PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that 87% of surveyed customers shift to a competitor if they believe a company isn’t responsibly handling their data. As a result, businesses should commit to compliance. It helps with customer retention and can be used as a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.

TCPA compliance can also offer some assurances about value and trust. It’s an important consideration since every customer-business interaction involves a value exchange. Customers will part with their data but only if they first understand how the separation benefits them.

Deloitte offers insightful advice about the value exchange. The research firm suggests customers become more willing to share their personal information if businesses “(1) are transparent about how they intend to use consumer data; (2) allow consumers to easily opt out of data sharing; and (3) provide brief and readily understandable privacy policies and agreements.” Businesses that implement the three action steps will see higher levels of consumer confidence and healthier, long-term customer relationships.

How Cell Phone Scrub Keeps Businesses TCPA Compliant

So, staying TCPA compliant matters from a number of angles, financial, reputational, et cetera. But that fact, excluding Deloitte’s excellent suggestions, offers little practical assistance. Businesses are left wondering how to stay compliant when regulations continue to change or new ones are soon to be implemented.

Fortunately, modern software technologies simplify and demystify the work. Businesses don’t need to figure out TCPA compliance on their own; software vendors are willing and able to assist them. TCN, for instance, offers a swath of call center products designed to enhance compliance. The company also provides trainings and webinars that help businesses set up processes and protocols for compliance success.

In addition, many of the latest call center platforms, including TCN’s, incorporate tools that can be used to reduce compliance concerns. Cell phone scrub technology, for example, lessens the risk of calling wireless phones. It does so by first identifying a cell phone number and “scrubbing” it from a contact list. TCN’s cell phone scrub, though, delivers extra protections. It not only scrubs numbers based on wireless carrier assignments but also flags numbers that have possibly moved from a landline to a wireless phone for review.

Staying TCPA compliant still matters in 2018. And businesses can be compliant today, thanks to technologies like cell phone scrub. They should avail themselves of the tool because it offers much more than assurance about compliance. It also offers opportunities to build consumer confidence, protect company reputations, and secure business profits. If you’d like to learn more about TCN’s platform, and discover other ways to increase profits while operating with compliance tools at the ready, check out our handy guide today!

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