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TCN Monthly Recap – September 2020

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

As the call center industry adjusts to the unprecedented changes of COVID-19, it is recognized as an industry that concentrates on employees and provides excellent customer experience. As more and more contact centers implement cloud-based technology, organizations are seeing improved results in efficiency and performance.

Industry Trends

Take a look at everything you need to stay up to date with recent call center industry trends, all in one place.

Call Center Success With WFH Model

When the work from home (WFH) model was implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was initially intended as a means to an end. However, call centers have noticed success from WFH and recognize that it provides benefits of flexibility and cost reductions. Perhaps elements of the WFH model are here to stay.

COVID-19: The Catalyst For Virtual Call Centers Adoption

During the pandemic, contact centers all around the world have adjusted to large-scale remote operations. Organizations are recognizing the benefits of implementing cloud-based software and learning to overcome remote working challenges. The call center industry is using unprecedented changes to their advantage and continuing to provide an intelligent and cost-effective customer experience.

WFH: The Safer Alternative

With COVID-19 throwing everyone into uncharted territory, it is continuously at the forefront of every businesses’ mind. With another vote in favor of WFH, it’s clear that companies and their employees are reaping the unforeseen benefits of remote work. Many people have chosen to switch to jobs they can work from home due to safety concerns. People are willing to take a pay cut to enjoy the safety and flexibility of working remotely. More and more employees are expressing the many ways that WFH has positively impacted them and their families.

New TCN Resources

Along with providing industry-leading cloud-based technology for call centers, TCN provides countless insights and resources available to all. Whether it’s strategies for improving customer service, TCPA guidelines, or a recent platform update you don’t want to miss, TCN has you covered. Take a look at recent blogs you might have missed.

TCN’s Solution to Help Your Call Center Steer Clear of TCPA Penalties

The TCPA guidelines are always changing, and call centers need to stay in-the-know to reduce potential compliance risks. With TCN’s call recording and transcription services, contact centers can incorporate practices that help them keep all aspects of TCPA compliance. Managers can take a breath of relief and know that they have control of their TCPA compliance risks.

Tips and Tricks for Call Center Management

As a result of COVID-19, call center managers have made adjustments to managing their agents and maintaining customer expectations. TCN breaks down what managers need to know when it comes to creating relationships between the agent and manager. Continuing training, setting goals, and hiring remote agents are just a few tips to help your contact center increase efficiency.

Solutions to Common Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Problems

Call centers face challenges daily, and an IVR system can help an organization navigate many of these issues and keep agents efficient. As with any operation, problems can occur and customers can get frustrated. Improving call containment rates, increasing caller information, and addressing high abandonment rates are just a few ways to improve your contact center and get the most out of your IVR.

TCN’s cloud-based features help elevate the call center industry. As the industry evolves, TCN follows right along — constantly updating clients and readers with new insights on how industry trends may affect organizations.

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