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Tips and Tricks for Call Center Management

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Call center managers every day are met with many questions. Still, one that pops into their minds is, how can they keep their call center agents engaged and motivated while handling necessary KPIs and expectations? Here is a breakdown of tips and tricks from TCN for managers to implement in their call center to improve performance.

TIP #1 Hiring remote agents puts geographic limits in the bin.

Due to the recent changes from COVID-19, call center managers have been reaching out to remote agents to create a more diverse workforce to handle call influx and employee turnover. Agents that work from home can prove that flexibility belongs in an organization and that this model can continue post-pandemic.

TIP #2 Set new productivity goals and objectives often.

Make sure to stay away from the same old same old. As organizations need to evolve and change due to changes in customer’s expectations, organizations must expect the same from their agents. Monthly one-on-one meetings help agents and managers understand each other before putting themselves out there together as an organization to the customer.

TIP #3 There is an ongoing need for managers to continue training with their agents — keep teaching and learning.

Training agents shouldn’t stop after the dotted line is signed. To ensure efficiency and increase performance, agents need to continue receiving training from their workplace. These training sessions should focus on specific skills and tasks that agents can proactively work on week after week. It’s good to keep in mind that these training sessions don’t have to be lengthy and strenuous. Short and specific training sessions related to the types of challenges and opportunities that agents face is more productive.

TIP #4 Encourage agents to empathize with customers.

Sometimes, managers need to ask their agents to step away from the script. When the call reaches the agent, the customer expects to speak with a real person who will listen and resolve their issues. How an agent handles calls determines the kind of metrics that a call center will receive. When managers are planning and creating new strategies to implement for helping agents improve, they need to remember that not every customer interaction is easy. Managers should train agents to be empathic with customers but still holding a stance of professionalism.

TIP #5 Allow the advancements of cloud-based technology to develop insights.

With cloud-based technology, every organization has the opportunity to take a closer look at every customer interaction. With TCN’s Speech Analytics tool, managers can search from real-time data, to analyze their call center KPIs and customer expectations. This technology ensures both the manager and the agent that the right call center software can bring issues to the forefront for evaluation.

TIP #6 Make sure to be reasonable about metrics and standards.

Managers need to be realistic about the level of standard that they expect from their agents. Goals that are difficult for agents to achieve can discourage them and may lead to turnover. Making realistic goals and continuously checking on agents for their progress will lead to a better working environment.

Using these tips and tricks can help call center managers effectively improve performance and maintain agent efficiency. Find out how TCN’s cloud-based technology can transform your call center by requesting a demo today.

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