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Agent SMS: The Next Level of Efficiency for your Call Center

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As part of TCN’s leading cloud-based technology, Agent SMS is another aspect of the TCN solution. As technology is always trending towards easier solutions, Agent SMS has become one of TCN’s most relevant and efficient features. Statistics have predicted that by 2020, 48.7 million consumers will opt-in to receive business SMS.

Recent technology trends should be seen as opportunities to integrate SMS into your call center. Agent SMS and its cloud-based platform can be the answer you need for improving your call center’s efficiency and performance.

Agent SMS is built on TCN’s cloud-based technology. This platform allows your call center to improve the productivity of your agents and overall sales performance.

Without SMS services, agents can be stuck on time-consuming calls that could be done easily with this feature. The increased focus on SMS technology aims to better serve customers on one of their most-used applications.

As a call center, you know that direct communication drives engagement — which is key to creating that positive customer experience.

Agent SMS key features and cloud-based software help your organization keep up with customers’ expectations. These efficiencies are scalable to use for any type of industry. Let’s take a look at the features and some benefits of Agent SMS.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy Set-Up – No on-site hardware required, which cuts down costs and time
  • SMS Responses – Allows recipients to directly connect to a contact center agent using the call back number included with each SMS message sent.
  • SMS Codes- Immediate replies to upcoming appointments and subscriptions are provided with the standard common text options (Stop, Yes, No, Confirm)
  • No Send Limits – The platform is capable of sending hundreds of thousands of messages instantly on its pay-for-use pricing structure.
  • Business Intelligence– TCN’s BI gives insights in real-time to track and analyze data, including SMS efforts, to help track productivity, and enhance campaigns.

Cost Efficiency

Agent SMS can help you stay up to date on this industry trend and while being cost-effective. Its pay-for-use pricing system has the ability to send SMS messages on a global scale.

Not only does this feature cut down unnecessary expenses, but it increases overall customer satisfaction while handling call influx.

How Customers Can Benefit

While customers are changing the way they communicate constantly, Agent SMS can keep your organization up to speed. In this day and age, your agents need industry-leading features more than ever.

When it comes to consumer communication, using SMS at the forefront of direct communication leads to an overall positive customer response. Recent research shows that over 50% of consumers would prefer text messaging for customer support rather than phone calls.

Agents using this mobile channel are able to respond quickly to customers’ needs such as confirming appointments, payment reminders, or emergency alerts.

TCN’s platform is suitable for business from any industry. As your contact center evolves, our platform gives you the ability to change according to your needs. Agent SMS gives you the opportunity to greatly improve the relationship between your organization and its customers.

To learn more about how to integrate Agent SMS with your call center, download our Features and Benefits Guide for SMS.

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