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Room 303, call center software update

Platform Update: Room 303, A Call Center Chat Application for Internal Communication Between Agents and Manager

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

Internal communication and collaboration are vital to any organization — even without the global work-from-home COVID-19 pandemic. With so many business applications calling for attention each day, it can be easy to lose focus. This is especially true for call center agents and the customers they interact with.

Room 303 – A New Internal Chat Application from TCN

TCN recently announced a new internal chat application called Room 303. Room 303 is designed to make agent-to-agent and agent-to-manager communication easy and seamless.

Built directly into TCN’s call center software, agents and managers no longer need to worry about switching applications to find answers to a caller’s question. With Room 303, collaboration becomes intuitive and easy.

Managers can now more effectively manage performance without being overbearing. Whether an agent has a question or needs to learn more about how to help with customer inquiries, they can turn to Room 303 and get answers and information from an individual (agent or manager) or group of people in a chat room. With more and more agents working from home, Room 303 will help bridge the communication gap between agents and managers.

Benefits of Room 303

There are numerous benefits to using Room 303, check out the few we’ve highlighted.

Improve Communication – Instantly improve workplace efficiency by allowing messages to appear immediately, saving time. With consistent communication with one another, issues that do arise will diminish quickly.

Reduce Interruptions – No more putting calls on hold while agents walk around looking for a manager to help. Keep agents on task and focused on what matters most. With the chat application integrated directly into TCN, agents will never need to hunt for answers again.

Better Customer Service – Reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) by implementing an internal chat application that doesn’t distract from the call or the customer experience.

This new chat integrated feature is available to every TCN client. Take advantage of the new software update and start improving your organization’s communication.

Room 303 is available now for free! Contact a TCN representative or request a demo to see the world’s most advanced call center platform.

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