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Solutions to Common Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Problems

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Having an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is now essential for a modern call center to perform efficiently. TCN IVR helps your organization save time and money with its cloud-based technology. In the typical day-to-day operations, problems can occur and customers can get frustrated. Take a look at how to quickly resolve common problems and always get the most out of your IVR system.

Low Call Containment Rate

If your call center is struggling with a low call containment rate, your IVR system is not accomplishing one its primary functions. Having an IVR is meant to help filter common inquiries and provide self-service options — ultimately freeing up agents to handle more complex issues. However, if your agents keep getting caught up with inquiries that a customer should be able to complete through IVR, then your technology is not reaching its full potential.

It can help to have your agents keep a log of any calls that they complete that should have been solved through the self-service options, allowing you to easily evaluate the data. Tracing back calls to find what an agent did differently from the self-serve options can help identify where a problem is and analyze how to make your system work better for you.

Lacking Caller Information

Correctly identifying a customer when they enter their information goes a long way, and it allows for them to be routed through the IVR system more effectively. It’s frustrating for a customer when they are not identified correctly because they are unable to access their account information they needed. Accurate customer identification can reduce customer complaints and eliminate the need for a person to enter their information multiple times throughout the service options.

To solve a problem with your IVR identification, you need to narrow down the particular areas that are causing the issue. It may be that the caller does not have the necessary information available or know what information they need to have ready. Oftentimes there are issues with the IVR accurately recording information such as an email address, or there might be a problem with retrieving information from the customer database. Assessing what is causing the problem helps you determine if you need to change the required information for identifying customers, run a diagnostics check on your system, or change the IVR script.

High Abandonment Rates

High abandonment rates are bad news for an organization. Sometimes a caller decides to end a call rather than go through the self-serve options or waiting to talk to an agent. If you notice that this is happening a lot, it’s time to take a look at what might be causing customers to give up before getting the help they need. In some cases, calls are abandoned by customers because they choose not to interact with IVR systems or they are busy and distracted while on the phone. These kinds of abandoned calls are to be expected. However, a closer look at call recordings can help identify when a call likely ended out of frustration.

Recognizing calls that had no self-serve completion or are abandoned after being on the phone for a considerable amount of time, are indications of an unsatisfied customer. Good customer service is essential for a successful contact center. One-third of consumers say they would consider switching companies after just one instance of bad customer service. Catching recurring issues brings you one step closer to improving your IVR and customer satisfaction — which should also result in lower abandonment rates.

Some issues creep up on you and don’t get identified until things are much worse, making it more difficult to fix. Staying aware of common call center problems and knowing how to quickly address them can reduce downtime and maintain customer satisfaction.

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