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TCN's February Monthly Review

How Long Will Agents Be Working From Home?

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

A Month in Review (February)

Over the past year, the phrase “work from home” and the acronym “WFH” has rapidly become well-known and used throughout organizations. For quite some time, the focus was on what working from home looked like, what it meant for managers and agents, and how to transition smoothly.

However, now that WFH has been largely implemented across industries, people are beginning to ask the question, “Is working from home going to be a permanent solution?”

A True Office Transformation?

Now that some of the dust has settled after companies had to suddenly find ways for their employees to work from home, many are taking a look at how there might be lasting effects.

Some businesses are taking a look at their physical office that has been empty for almost a year and wondering if they should renew their lease or not. A series of surveys found that most people have missed seeing colleagues in person, but also reported they were not eager to begin working in the office every day again. These results could be a sign that the future of the workplace might be forever changed.

Benefits of Working From Home for Call Centers

If working from home is here to stay, then there might be a few perks for the call center industry.  

Integrating cloud-based call center software takes care of half of the problems an organization might face when transitioning to a remote workforce. Moving things to the cloud eliminates the need for physical hardware, location, and onsite IT. 

Hiring remote agents also expands the pool of talent to choose from. Not to mention, hiring employees in different locations and time zones can boost customer satisfaction by providing 24/7 support.

Call centers may run into a few troubles with remote agents, one being the lack of communication between team members and managers. Reduced productivity can also be a concern — not being able to observe agents and their activities physically. However, knowing the best ways to unlock potential and maximize agent skills can help you maintain smooth operations and develop great agent performance.

Call Center Agent Works From Home Using TCN Software

Setting Your Call Center Up for Success

No matter what the future holds for call centers and whether agents will continue working from home forever or return back to their desks someday, it is important for a call center to be equipped with the tools it needs.

Having real-time data and insights available allows you to make transformations in ways you didn’t know were possible. Additionally, features such as Interactive Voice Response systems can help you streamline your customer service and maximize agent productivity.

With TCN’s Operator call center software, you can know you are getting the best features available and get the help you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Set your call center up for success by choosing TCN. Learn more about how TCN can help your call center; request a demo today.

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