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TCN Speech Analytics

A Beginner’s Guide to Speech Analytics

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Speech recognition technology has come a long way. Gone are the dark ages of call centers not being able to retrieve data analytics concerning their customers’ experiences. Utilizing speech analytics may be one of the first steps your call center can take to understand your customers fully.

Not only does speech analytics help the customers of now, but the customers of the future. Here is TCN’s Beginner’s Guide to all things speech analytics. 

What is Speech Analytics?

Essentially, speech analytics retrieves and extracts information from customer interactions over the phone. It uses speech recognition technology that identifies certain words, phrases, and even the amount of silence on the call to help your organization understand your customers. This technology is more than just random call sampling. 

With this innovative technology, your call center agents make or break every customer experience. Without their data, call centers might be left wondering why their agents aren’t able to perform as well. What’s better than a call center understanding their customers? 

How Does It Work?

Speech analytics uses the audio from recorded calls and turns them into structured data to be searched and analyzed. This technology also utilizes other associated data, such as customer profile information or when the customer interaction occurred. As the audio goes through the speech recognition system, a text transcript is extracted from the call. These text transcripts support your compliance needs and further help you train your call center agents.

Does it Make A Difference? 

Any call center knows that customer feedback is critical for maximizing and improving overall performance. No matter the results that come from speech analytics, call centers can rest assured that modern contact center software is making the difference. Speech analytics helps your call center identify patterns of customer activity. Recognizing these patterns helps your call center take a step back to reconsider actions and improve your services. If practiced, you will learn how to utilize speech analytics to your greatest advantage. 

Having the data from speech analytics helps you with what matters most — your customers. 
Do you want to find out how TCN’s Speech Analytics can help your call center reach your customers? Request a demo today.

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