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Looking Closer at Call Center Speech Analytics & Transcription Services

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When it comes to the success of a business call center, speech analytics tools are among the most essential that any business can utilize. Speech analytics instruments, including transcription services, can more readily help you reach goals.

What Is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the process of examining recorded calls to gather vital customer information to improve communication and future interaction. It provides contact centers with specific search and discovery tools that help them uncover both positives and negatives in call performance. The process is primarily used by customer service call centers to extract information buried in client interactions with a business so they can improve various aspects of customer service experiences, processes, and procedures — among many others.

Call Center Managers receive the following speech analytics info:

  • Transcripts of each call
  • Cloud-based call recorders
  • Call recording
  • Redaction of important information
  • Enterprise-level engagement analytics

How TCN Speech Analytics Helps

Speech analytics software can analyze spoken topics and weigh them against the emotional character of the speech used during agent-customer interaction. Speech analytics can also bring recorded customer interactions to the surface that can help build effective cost containment and customer service strategies previously unknown or under-utilized. The technology can pinpoint behaviors and trends driving up costs. Additionally, it identifies strengths and weaknesses with specific processes and products and helps organizations understand marketplace futures.

TCN’s Speech Analytics software can finally help answer questions about customer satisfaction, compliance risks, agent performance, job satisfaction, and call efficiency. Also included are full-text transcriptions and PCI redaction of 100% of your calls via an affordable and risk-free monthly subscription.

Speech Analytics increases call efficiency and improves agent performance. TCN takes a load off your back with its 24/7 professional customer support and the ability to reduce compliance risk.

Growth Trends

Some market research suggests that speech analytics will become a billion-dollar industry by the end of this year, with the telecommunications, IT, and outsourcing segments holding the Lion’s share of the increase. Most of this rapid growth is due to mounting requirements for compliance and risk management, as well as an increase in industry competition — especially the travel and hospitality segments.

Transcription Services Explained

An integral tool of any thriving call center is transcription services. TCN’s automatic transcription tool records and logs all conversations between the agent and the customer. Transcripts are produced and made available almost immediately for managers to use in training, agent feedback sessions, and to assist with virtually any compliance issue. Transcripts have been the means of avoiding lawsuits, expensive financial mistakes, and other pitfalls associated with call center management.

TCN Is Leading The Way

TCN’s speech analytics software is increasing call center efficiency by reducing not only longer-than-normal calls but all calls that have high silence issues. TCN can also increase the number of searches for repeat call language, and retrieve and analyze short calls. Benefits like improved agent performance, a better customer experience, and reduced risk in regard to compliance are only some of the benefits you’ll discover with TCN.

Download a copy of TCN’s Speech Analytics Customer Insights Through Search and Discovery brochure today!

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