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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Myths: Debunked

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“Press 1 to access payment information payment information, or press 2 to speak to one of our agents.”

Does this ring a bell? This is an example of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) script. IVR is an automated customer service solution that uses pre-recorded responses to meet caller needs. IVR helps your customers access and find desired information on their own without an agent’s help.

As IVR software is accelerating rapidly, call centers may be hesitant to integrate one into their organization. However, advanced IVR systems come with data enriched analytics, call tracking, and call routing that gives your call center that competitive advantage. 

Take a look at some of the debunked IVR misconceptions.

Myth: IVR is Difficult to Set Up 

Fact: This is farthest from the truth. Cloud-based IVR systems take minutes to set up without excess hardware or the need for extra staff. Setting up your IVR goes back to how well you are listening to your customers’ needs — which is a good reminder as you decide on what you include in your IVR script. 

Myth: IVR software isn’t efficient for small businesses

Fact: Think again. Gone are the days that only large corporations can utilize IVR software. Today, small businesses worldwide can take advantage of the many benefits from IVR. IVR software helps small businesses take their professionalism to the next level as customers can use self-service options at their convenience. It’s critical for a small business to cut costs whenever possible, and IVR helps do exactly that.

Myth: People would rather talk to a live agent for every issue

Fact: In research carried out by Nuance, 67% of respondents preferred self-service over speaking to a call center agent. When an IVR system is set up and ready, your customers will be more likely to utilize your services. This boosts agent productivity and allows agents to spend their time on calls that need serious attention. 

Myth: Utilizing an IVR system decreases customer satisfaction

Fact: Accessibility is key to increased customer satisfaction. A customer can access information quickly without having to speak to an agent. IVR software may be the perfect solution to improve customer satisfaction throughout your organization. 

TCN’s IVR software has helped call centers worldwide increase agent efficiency by providing a cutting-edge call center platform that proves lasting results. 

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