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Easy-to-Use Communication Tools for Utilities Companies

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Abbie Tabbilos

Marketing Content Writer

Utilities companies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to their call centers. They handle a large influx of calls covering a wide range of issues, from billing inquiries and service outages to meter readings and new account setups.

Additionally, when customers call a utility company, they are often frustrated with facing a problem like a high bill, service outage or leak. Agents, therefore, need a broad knowledge base to handle diverse inquiries and excellent communication and de-escalation skills to navigate complex situations.

These unique challenges make operating a utility contact center that supplies excellent customer service difficult. That’s why it’s important for utilities companies to invest in contact center software solutions that provide easy-to-use communication tools that make providing excellent customer service effortless.

Communication tools for utilities contact centers that are non-negotiable

The key to a smooth-running utilities contact center lies in choosing the right call center software platform. But before diving in, consider the unique communication hurdles your team faces. Let’s explore three common challenges and how user-friendly communication tools can help you conquer them.

  1. Agent inefficiency due to complex interfaces and time-consuming workflows

    Agents can easily become bogged down by complex interfaces requiring them to toggle between screens to complete simple tasks. Not only does this decrease your contact center’s customer service, but these time-consuming workflows also reduce the efficiency of your overall operations. 

    This effect becomes even more drastic when agents are responsible for handling multiple communication channels. Invest in a contact center software platform that creates efficient workflows by empowering agents to seamlessly switch between communication channels within one interface.

    TCN’s software platform, Operator, makes it easy to automate tasks, collect more payments and exceed your customer’s expectations while adhering to compliance standards without switching interfaces. This not only simplifies training and reduces errors but also skyrockets productivity.
  2. Lack of integration between systems

    One major hurdle for utilities contact centers is the disconnect between their various computer systems. This creates data silos, where important customer information gets trapped in specific programs that aren’t readily available to the agent on the phone with the customers.

    Without the complete picture, it can be difficult for the agent to answer questions accurately or troubleshoot problems efficiently. This leads to frustration for both the customer and the agent and ultimately reduces customer satisfaction. 

    TCN integrates effortlessly with your data, CRM or billing processors to give you the best view into your entire organization. Prioritizing integration maximizes your customer satisfaction, boosts your resolution time and empowers your agents to create personalized customer interactions. 
  3. Inflexible solutions that don’t adapt to changing customer needs

    It is important to have a call center software platform that can keep pace with new customer demands or service offerings, such as omnichannel communication options or the ability to complete simple inquiries via self-service options.

    Flexible call center software platforms that grow with you and your customers should offer solutions like Interactive Voice Response (IVR). These tools provide automated self-service options, expertly route calls and even conduct post-call surveys to increase operational efficiency, agent productivity and customer satisfaction.  

    Additionally, with TCN’s Click2Pay solution, stay flexible with evolving customer needs by empowering customers to authenticate themselves, see their balance and make payments at any time without a username and password – all while your utilities contact center stays compliant. 

Easy-to-use communication tools for utilities contact centers

Now that you know the typical hurdles utilities companies face in their customer communications, you know what to look for when selecting the right call center software platform that fits the needs of your utilities company.

Above all, no matter which platform you use, it is important to select one that offers easy-to-use communication tools that lead to improved customer experience, agent productivity and operational efficiency. 

TCN Operator is a comprehensive communication platform for utilities companies, complete with integrations and solutions like IVR and Click2Pay, TCN Operator possesses all the tools you need to help your utilities organization succeed.

All of these tools are located within one centralized, user-friendly interface, supported by TCN’s free, 24/7, best-in-industry customer support. Learn more about how TCN can optimize the overall operations of your utilities contact center.

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