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Debt Collection Software: Collect and Connect Efficiently

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Debt collection agencies have a lot on their plates. From worries concerning increasing collection rates to dealing with upset customers, there are many factors that go into having a successful agency, and debt collection software is a big one.

Debt collection software makes all of the difference in increasing productivity and performance levels within a collection agency. With the proper software, making collections and connections is easier than ever while keeping agent efficiency at an all-time high.

Collect with ease

Debt collection agencies globally are being left in the dust as they allow their hardware and software updates to fall behind. Without efficient software providing the necessary tools, your collection agency is susceptible to the pitfalls of dated solutions.

As bill collectors work to increase revenue, they may find themselves with software that doesn’t meet their needs, leading to decreased efficiency and increased employee turnover.

Customers rely on businesses to offer easy and accessible solutions on a day-to-day basis. Debt collection agencies are not excluded from this expectation.TCN Operator offers a complete suite of tools built for debt collectors with efficiency in mind. With Interactive Voice Response (IVR), customers who prefer not to speak to an agent can still benefit from your services. This solution also allows consumers to access self-pay options outside of standard business hours and help increase overall collections. The TCN experience is a seamless integration of debt collection software that is built to be completely adaptable to call centers of any size. 

Connect with your customers 

One of the biggest challenges for collection agencies is connecting with consumers in order to collect payments and give notices. TCN helps collection agencies and call centers by providing cloud-based solutions that help connect them with their customers as efficiently as possible. 

TCN’s 2022 Consumer Survey revealed insights about how customers prefer to interact with businesses and their expectations when it comes to customer service. Consumers expressed that their top two preferred methods of communication with a company’s customer service are talking to a live agent by phone and online chatting with a live agent. Contacting consumers via the channel they prefer starts things off on a good note and helps provide a positive customer experience — something that’s essential in establishing in the debt collection world.  

Utilizing solutions such as Omnichannel Communications provides your agency with the communication channels your consumers are most comfortable with, increasing the likelihood of connecting with them and improving collections.

Improve agent efficiency 

Agent and call center efficiency is a universal concern for all organizations, and it often seems too big to tackle. Thankfully, this can be solved through solutions like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Manually Approved Calling (MAC) and a Predictive Dialer. 

TCN’s call center software is built to help free up your agents through streamlining processes with automation and simplification. An ACD takes a caller and quickly assesses their particular needs based on the customer’s personal payment information and directs them to an agent that is best trained and equipped to handle their concerns. This process gives customers the service they want in a quick and timely manner — increasing first-contact resolution and decreasing the amount of time agents spend redirecting calls to find a solution.

Manually Approved Calling is exactly what it sounds like — a solution that provides human intervention into automatic dialing campaigns by allowing agents to manually approve calls before they are placed. Doing so provides collection agencies with a safeguard against compliance penalties and ensures that calls are only placed to the correct contacts.

Predictive dialers bring call center efficiency to the next level to keep you ahead of the competition. With it, you can ensure your agents are as productive and effective as possible and guarantee that every consumer instantly connects to an agent. TCN’s Predictive Dialer monitors your agents’ calls to determine when they will end and begins the dialing process when the time is right to make sure there is no wasted downtime between each call.

TCN’s debt collection software has eliminated the need for complicated hardware or excessive staff to keep your agency afloat. With one seamless platform, your collections agency can increase collections, improve connections and remain compliant as effortlessly as pressing install.

Download TCN’s eBook on compliance regulations to learn more about how to keep your call center in the clear.

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