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How the Cloud Based Contact Center Intersects with LISTEN2017

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As Bryce Payne and Clint Laubaugh prepare to attend LISTEN2017, a premiere event for customer engagement analytics professionals, we sat down to ask what they expect to see and hear at the three-day conference. They talked with us about cloud-based “everything,” including the cloud-based contact center, compliance concerns, and business operations.

We know the cloud is changing things across every industry. How is it affecting people focused on customer engagement?

BP: People often mistake “cloud” with the newest technologies—things like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Both of those produce data that marketers and contact centers use to understand customers. And when you understand your customers, you’re better able to meet their needs and to even call them when they prefer.

Regarding the cloud side, the hot trend is reducing cost and operational liabilities using pay-per-use data and functionality hosting. Looking back at the old, flat-rate model that was both difficult to scale and cost operations the same price whether business was booming or nobody was calling—you can see where the cloud has caught on.

CL: Right. We’re also seeing companies adopt a “cloud everything” approach. I believe that will continue as businesses find value in collecting, combining, and using data for business impact. As an example, our cloud-based contact center integrates with multiple applications to help monitor customer relationships, including overall engagement and satisfaction, sales, and collection efforts.

Okay, so what about TCPA compliance? We know it affects telemarketers and various organizations. But what about customer engagement professionals?

BP: I don’t really think it’s any different for customer engagement professionals. If they communicate with customers telephonically, they run up against TCPA compliance guidelines. That’ll only increase as businesses and organizations turn to text messages and omnichannel outreach. I think we might see some rules come out about chatbots, too; when customers are sharing information with an online bot, questions about data security and privacy are inevitably going to crop up.

CL: TCPA compliance applies to just about everyone. And, sure, some businesses receive more rigorous scrutiny than others, but that’s to be expected if they’re dealing with personal information. When all’s said and done, what matters is respecting customers and the law while maintaining business objectives—regardless of industry vertical.

If customer engagement professionals are anything like other business professionals, they want to accomplish more in less time. Is that something you’re seeing? If so, how does TCN increase productivity and efficiency?

BP: Absolutely. Everybody needs more done in the least possible time. The challenge lies in doing it well. Our cloud-based contact center has multiple automated processes that save contact centers time. An example works well here; let’s go with a healthcare facility operators: When they want to get the message out about flu shots, they’d would prefer a quick way to reach out to as many contacts as possible. They get it with our predictive dialer software.

CL: Yeah, the predictive dialer software is a lifesaver. It saves time, money, and probably some frustration. What’s not to love about that? Our cloud based contact center offers several other features, too, designed for the healthcare experience. I encourage people to check them out.

Last question. What are you two seeing in terms of remote, or virtual, work?

BP: There’s been an overall trend toward remote work—I think we can thank the “gig economy” for that. Of course, that’s not the only factor. The cloud and cloud-based applications make remote work possible.

CL: Exactly. And that trend drives the interest in the virtual call center. I think its popularity will only grow as call centers attempt to decrease costs and increase profitability.

Thanks for your thoughts, Bryce and Clint.

The cloud changes everything, for contact centers and customer engagement professionals. However, TCPA trumps all. To help strengthen your TCPA compliance, download TCN’s TCPA compliance checklist.

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