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Call Center Technology to Keep Your Customers and Business Safe

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Bryce Payne

Vice President of Sales

Times Have Changed

As times change, everyone’s lives and expectations of what’s “normal” shift accordingly. Where many people have recently needed to work from home due to COVID-19, several new challenges have surfaced for individuals and organizations.

For call centers, accommodating home-based agents has been a learning process. One main concern that has arisen is the effect working from home will have on data security.

Rising Concerns

Specifically, call centers have the most prominent concerns with Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. Taking payments over the phone has always carried a certain level of security risk. Unfortunately, those risks become even greater when agents are not in a closed office environment.

Normally, data security is well taken care of when working at the office. When agents are at their professional work station, everyone is aware of how data information is being handled and processed. However, it is much more difficult to control data exposure when each agent is home-based.

When working from home, agents must contend with the limitations of their available workspaces. Due to the nature of agents’ unusual environments and surroundings, keeping information secure has become more challenging.

Using Technology to Keep Your Customers & Company Safe

TCN’s call center technology can be implemented into your organization to help eliminate concern about PCI compliance with home-based agents. This tool provides a way for agents to meet customers’ needs while being professional — whether from home or the office. The functionality of TCN uses a “data dip” access to your database in order to verify identity and provide current account information.

TCN makes it possible for your agents to remain on the phone while the customer enters their sensitive information through a portal via Email or SMS. This is done by sending a customer an instant text with a secure link. The customer then clicks the link, taking them to a payment portal — which will generate the necessary account information.
Your call center can also use TCN to utilize IVR payment options by phone. This method can be initiated by either an outbound call or simply an option in the Auto Attendant message. It has been shown that it’s safer to have agent-less transactions such as IVR or payment portals over traditional methods. Your customers can feel comfortable using the IVR payment process that provides them with an easy way to access their information securely.

Benefits for Everyone

By entering and submitting information online or through IVR, agents are able to stay on the phone with customers and never hear or see any confidential information. Additionally, there is no call or screen recording information to be concerned about. TCN also eliminates worries of people overhearing payment information given to agents working from home.

Added benefits from utilizing TCN include the ability to save money and increase agent productivity. A valued TCN client reported that their non-agent payment collections increased by 35% simply from implementing an after-hours IVR payment solution.

When your call center is adapting to whatever the “new normal” might be, security concerns should always be a top priority. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to keeping your customers and company safe. Let TCN take some weight off your shoulders, we are committed to your organization and its success.
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