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TCN Contributions During The COVID-19 Crisis

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Dave Bethers

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

At-Home Agent, TCN Notify, And Cloud Call Center Technology

During the initial weeks of the COVID-19 shutdown, TCN saw many businesses and organizations take action when faced with challenges that COVID-19 presented.

For some, the risks were life-threatening. For others, being asked to stay at home brought uncertainty and posed severe challenges for individuals, families, and businesses large and small. In both scenarios, TCN was a lifeline both for communication of critical information and to bridge the gap and get a workforce that was at home back to work (#work-at-home).

Here are a few remarkable examples.

The call went out for healthcare workers everywhere to not only serve people in need but to risk their very lives as they fought a new disease.

It was very sobering to hear about a New York nurses association that was on the front lines of fighting this battle use TCN Notify for direct membership phone calls.

One of the representatives sent a sobering recorded message in the first initial days saying:

“This is a time of anxiety, fear…complete frustration…we have had a frank discussion about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)… the supply is dwindling much much faster than thought … The problem goes much beyond this hospital, this burrow, this state, this country. The supplies are not coming immediately. This situation honestly is akin to wartime.”

Another poignant message was sent asking nurses that have been exposed to COVID-19 to reply by text or phone so they can receive assistance.

I won’t forget the commitment in the representative’s voice as she said:

“Registered Nurses throughout the centuries have saved entire civilizations … We are in this together … If you believe you have been exposed … to … COVID-19. I need you to text me or call me or email me and say that you have been exposed … We are all in this together, and we will all come through this together … Call me, text me, email me, I am here, every day, 24 hours a day. Thank you.”

Other examples, while not as easily identifiable as heroic, were just as urgent to maintain continuity vital to individuals, families, and businesses at all levels.

TCN’s cloud-based technology helped to mobilize a stay-at-home workforce overnight to get back to work -from home. Using the same cloud technology agents used the day before at the office in a call center, thousands of agents are now working at home with an internet browser and a headset.

An extensive healthcare system made of over 25 different hospitals, was able to easily have their staff login from home and continue business continuity of services and communications.

In the financial services sector, a company with over 300 call center agents and located in 5 different locations were able to migrate to at-home-agents in less than 72 hours.

Here is what their Operations Vice Presidents said:

“[TCN’s] customer service and support staff have been stellar. We are also very pleased with the performance of the platform, as well as the ongoing innovations introduced. In response to recent events, a large number of employees shifted to work at home. With the advanced VOIP ACD/Dialer solutions provided by TCN, the move was transparent to the staff. All of our telecommunication services hosted across five geographically dispersed call centers were transitioned to work at home without incident.”

Call centers in the US were not the only ones affected by COVID-19. Under national lockdown, an international bank in India with over 750 agents migrated from a premise-based solution to the TCN cloud using at home agents in under five business days.

Another remarkable solution involved 250 At-Home-Agents that came online that didn’t even have a computer. With a smartphone browser to log into TCN and headphones for audio, these agents are servicing customers as truly ‘remote’ agents in these modern times.

I am genuinely grateful to be alive at a time when the combination of technology and innovation allows us to continue through challenges like COVID-19. I am proud to be a part of a company that is fighting the good fight to help the workforce get back to work.

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