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4 Outbound Software Features Your Call Center Needs Now

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

With such a significant emphasis on inbound communication and the impending impact on customer experiences, many call centers overlook the critical part of how to best handle outbound communications and the effect a successful outbound campaign could have on the overall customer satisfaction of a caller.

Outbound software can increase productivity while raising customer satisfaction and serve as an essential part of survey research and increased collection rates.

Collection agencies and those working in the accounts recovery management or financial services industry can benefit from the many features a successful outbound strategy can provide. 

Outbound Software for Call Centers

List Management Services

According to a HubSpot survey on business data and storage, a typical company has anywhere from 162 to 347 terabytes of data stored. That is enough storage to hold a nonstop movie party for 42 years straight!  

Because every business deals with data, not just call centers, it’s crucial that this information can be effectively used and managed by their company’s system administrator. 

List Management Services (LMS) allows a call center to augment, review, enrich, and filter data easily and contextually. Serving as a central data repository for advanced data management, LMS allows for increased visibility and greater administrative control.

Compliance Management, Done Naturally

Compliance is everything in the finance and accounts receivable management industries. Call center compliance software by TCN can help safeguard compliance risk and help automate manual tasks.

To further help with outbound call center strategies, TCN has developed and is continuously updating one of the most sophisticated Call Center Compliance Guides found on the internet. This guide has helped thousands navigate and research what is possible with TCPA call center compliance. 

Communicate Using Manual Intervention 

While predictive dialing can be highly reliable, some call centers would like to avoid undue risk on the organization. For those, Manually Approved Calling (MAC)  dialing calls would be the alternate solution to help keep efficiencies optimum.

Integrated Omnichannel 

Despite considerable improvements in technology over the last few decades, call centers are using outdated methods and technologies, particularly in the call center industry. Creating a unified call center with omnichannel communications capabilities will help agents connect with outbound calls efficiently and effectively. 

Unifying these channels of communication can also increase agent productivity.

Call center managers should look at their call center software and how their agents can communicate better with customers by using that software. Customer service is more than a means to an end and should play a vital part in what your organization stands for.

Start today. Get a demo and start improving your customer experiences with TCN.

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