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Alternative Solutions for Remote Agents

COVID-19 Response

Providing the best customer service is, no doubt, the top of the mind of every organization, especially during this time. As more call centers look to move their operations to the cloud, specifically at-home agents, they are quickly learning that it can be done easily and smoothly with TCN. To this end, we want to make sure you’re informed about TCN’s capabilities that enable remote work and ease of use tools to help your business stay ahead.

We’re here to help our customers with options for increased demand and remote teams.


Our Promise

At TCN, we believe in providing not only the best technology but ongoing service and a dedicated 24/7 support team, at no additional charge. TCN provides the best customer care in the industry and is proud of our record of attentively listening to our customers’ needs.

As always, our software is easy to use and implement no matter where you work.

Flexible Benefits for Any Business

  • All features included in every plan.
  • Deploy at-home agents easily.
  • No year-long obligations – not even to start.
  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Start and stop platform usage whenever you need it.
  • All usage is transparent and real-time.
  • There are no monthly minimums or licenses.
  • Add seats instantly.
  • Free premium support, 24×7.
  • Use the same cutting-edge platform as a 1000-seat
    enterprise, without the enterprise price tag

At-Home Agents Using TCN Agent Gateway

TCN clients using Agent Gateway can easily set up and deploy the TCN system to work with at-home agents via a web browser securely. Typically this is done to limit any disruption to call center operations or add flexibility in work schedules. Using at-home agents is easy and can be used in all instances running TCN.

To accommodate at-home agents, each agent will need a computer, headset, and internet connection. TCN’s cloud call center platform is agile, robust, and contract-free to allow for scale and growth.

Spread the Word with TCN Notify

Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime with TCN’s Notification Software. TCN Notify requires no hardware or software purchases while offering a range of features that are as effective as they are easy to use. Stay in touch with your employees or customers with a simple or complex message via SMS text, email, or voice call with built-in real-time reporting.

By proactively connecting with your customers, you’ll be able to alleviate much of the barrage of inbound calls that your call center is receiving—freeing up much-needed resources.

Inbound, IVR, and Self Pay Options

TCN’s blended IVR capabilities allow for a simple or sophisticated design to handle each situation.

  • Direct customers to an auto-payment that is entirely self-service
  • Advanced routing for at-home agents
  • Customized messages on the fly
  • Line and call forwarding built-in

Using TCN’s inbound IVR is more efficient and cost-effective, safeguarding your most valuable resource – your employees. Hands down, TCN’s contact center software solution provides the simplest to use and most full-featured IVR system in the industry.

What This Means for Compliance

Several governing compliance bodies have issued temporary positions for work-at-home agents. Be sure to check with your local governing body to ensure compliance. As always, the TCN Compliance Suite works great for these types of scenarios.

  • Natural Language Compliance

Natural Language Compliance is an industry first designed to help contact centers and agencies automate compliance and minimize risk as state and federal rules and regulations continue to change.

  • Manually Approved Calling-Human Intervention

Allow a subset of agents to review and approve calls for other agents regardless of where they are.

  • Call Recording with PCI Redaction

Keep your agents compliant, even at home, with PCI Redaction Call Recording.

For more information, please contact TCN directly at 866-745-1900 or request a demo below. We are here to help your call center stay ahead in these uncertain times.